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April 2019 Weekly Bujo Spreads

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. It’s April’s weekly bujo spreads time though I’ve not got all my weekly spreads in this post as you’ll see. I did have my months worth of weekly spreads done but then one of my spreads got co opted for something else.

     First up, my first weekly spread (because that’s how this works!). I went for a very basic weekly planner on the side and days over the rest of the page layout with some pink petal stickers dotted around the place.

     For my second (and third) weekly spreads, I decided to try that two weeks over two pages layout you’ve seen me do in the past. I coloured around the boxes in the pink I’ve been using throughout April and I realised I liked the light grey gingham look so much that I added that into the boxes. I had some more of those pink petal stickers too so I used those to highlight the date.

     And onto the last weekly spread now…which is another crochet plans list and a page for tracking how much my sister has paid me back of the money I lent her for her holiday so I can transfer the right amount back into the correct savings account (or ‘loan tracking’ as I named the page as that other one seemed a bit long).

     I had decorated the page with some more petal stickers with the intent of just doing a simple day as they come layout but I needed to make some lists and didn’t feel like skipping pages so I’ll have to do another layout for the final week of April – though I am out of those petal stickers now, shame!


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