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Yellow and Black Spring Bee Box Selection

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Mother’s Day is sometime this month in America isn’t it? If it is, then I’m going to say I’ve timed this post for that reason and everything has been well planned! (Try to forget that Mother’s Day is in March in Ireland…and that the spring theme of the boxes kinda gives away the time they were made!).

     So for Mother’s Day, me and my sisters decided to pick up a few small (somewhat random) things to give to my mom and as the crafter of the family, it was my job to sort out the packaging:

     So I sorted out the packaging…by making 6 boxes! (Although I only used 5 in the end). In case anyone is interested, I use the First Edition Wanderlust 12×12 pack (one of my favourites) for all the boxes here and used about 5 sheets of card and a few scrap pieces for these crafts.

     So first up are the wine bottle holders. My mom is a fan of wine and so we tend to get her wine for any occasion that comes up but wine bottles are something I always find tricky to package. I looked around for ideas for a while and found a wine bottle holder by Crafty Caroline that I liked so I made two of it. I had chosen some yellow patterned card that was double-sided for this craft so instead of making both the holders the same I reversed the pattern so they would be different but compliment each other.

     I bought a vintage yarn cutter for my mom that I thought would fit perfectly in this 10 sided twist close box designed by Pootles but unfortunately I measured wrong and the box was a little small so I didn’t end up using this one in the end but I thought the bee patterned paper against the grey/black looked really nice.

     Instead for the yarn cutter I ended up making a simple box using the We R Memory Keepers box punch board and decorated it using some scrap pieces.

     As a bit of a random gift, we got my mom some chocolate bars so I made yet another box for them. It’s just a simple box that I don’t know the measurements of now because I was actually using the three chocolate bars as my measurement rather than numbers. Again, I used the grey/black card for the base of the box and the yellow pattern on top of that to tie it in to the other boxes.

     And finally, there’s this long, narrow bee box which I made to hold a block of wood (well it’s a tool for cutting strands of yarn to the same size for rug making but it’s essentially a block of wood!). Again, I don’t know the size of this box because I didn’t use numbers but rather used the tool itself for my box sizing.

     So those are all the boxes I ended up making for Mother’s Day back in March – it was a fun day in the craft room!

2 thoughts on “Yellow and Black Spring Bee Box Selection

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, there aren’t enough ways to package wine bottles I think, at least not that I’ve seen. Need to go look for more ideas!


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