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Bujo: Looking Back on Trackers

     Hello everyone, how was your Eurovision weekend? To everyone in Europe anyway…and Australia because that’s still a thing going on with Eurovision…to be expected, there was a lot of controversy, Ireland didn’t get through and there was a lot of weird and/or bad songs but hey, all worth it for Iceland’s performance and if you don’t know what I’m on about, go look up Iceland’s Eurovision entry – it’ll be worth it, trust me!

     But enough about bad tv – it’s Monday so I should be writing about planners. I was racking my brain about what to write about because normally at this point in the month I’d write about my weekly spreads but I haven’t gotten around to taking those pictures yet so I came up with the idea to write about trackers instead.

     Trackers are pretty much a staple in any planner – people who use paper planners tend to also be the kind of people who enjoy tracking any and every aspect of their lives. I’ve not been an exception to that. I’ve tried many a different tracker during my years of using different types of planners so I thought I’d take a look at some of the types of trackers I’ve used.

     One of the most common types of trackers is a mood tracker and I’ve had a number of those. I used to keep try keep track of my mood in a notebook I used for various health trackers and would colour in different shapes based on my mood based on a chart I had made but when I stopped using that notebook I transferred my mood trackers to my Moleskine, followed by my Leuchtturm and kept them in my monthly spreads.

     Some of my trackers were just colouring in boxes based on my mood but I usually ended up with so many colours for different moods that they became hard to use. At that point I changed to having a space to write a few words to sum up my mood but I stopped doing that also and now I’m at a point where I just draw a smiley face or sad face to try keep it simple.

     Although that’s dependent on if I remember to fill in my tracker or not. Sometimes I forget to do it for a few days and have to try remember what my mood was 5 days ago and that’s always tricky.

     Along the lines of mood trackers are all physical health trackers I’ve tried. Again, in that notebook I used for a short while for health tracking, I had pages for tracking whatever exercise I did that day and what my health was like that day but tracking that much information didn’t really last long.

     I’d say the only health tracker that has worked for me really has been the weight tracking because it’s the easiest to do while still being useful information.

     Money trackers are something I used a lot of in the past – I had a money spending spread to go along with every month and tracked all the things I bought in the hopes I’d stop spending money on things I didn’t need but that didn’t really work out.

     Eventually I gave up on the monthly money tracking spreads and just started tracking what my savings were.

     Finally, I’ll classify all the other tracking pages as other so as to not make this post crazy long. One of my favourite trackers in the past was my book tracker where I drew out loads of bookshelves, wrote the names of books on the spines and coloured in the ones I’d read based on a rating. I had a section with books by year read and a section by genre. It looked really cool but in the end I stopped using it because it was just a lot of maintenance in remembering to fill it in and drawing more shelves.

     Tracking things I wanted to do daily was something else I did a lot but don’t do anymore – I used to have a notebook for it and then had it as part of my monthly spreads but again, I stopped doing that because I felt like I was putting too much pressure on myself to get things done.

     The only tracker of those in this other section that I still do use is my snail mail tracker because that is useful for remembering what’s come in and what’s gone out for when it comes to writing my snail mail posts.

     So yeah, I both love trackers because they’re very useful to have but also hate them because sometimes tracking things feels like a lot of pressure. It’s hard to find the balance and also, it does take some time to figure out how and what you like to track. What are your opinions on tracking and what kind of things do you track in your planner?


9 thoughts on “Bujo: Looking Back on Trackers

  1. I wish I could be so dedicated to trackers and journaling like you are! They’re so nice to go back and look through😌
    As for Eurovision, who did you want to win? I was happy that the Netherlands won but I’m also disappointed that Sweden or France didn’t 😭✨

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    1. I think that’s my problem though, I’m not that dedicated to them – I try them a lot but they never last for long.
      Well I was very much rooting for Iceland knowing full well they wouldn’t win (although that moment when the hosts announced just how many point Iceland got in the public vote was great). I kinda thought Sweden was going to win again and was surprised about the Netherlands. I’m not disappointed about it, it was a fine song, just somewhat forgettable.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That’s why I don’t bullet journal, I just go with the flow and there’s no real structure to my journaling, otherwise I think I’d feel stressed or forced to write ‘perfectly’. But I still think your crafts and journals are super pretty!
      Awh the guy from Sweden was sich a smiley guy! I kind of wish he won😜✨ As for Iceland, I think their political performance caused some controversy😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I had that feeling of needing it to be perfect when I first started my bujo but I think that passed quickly enough because I was too lazy to keep anything like that up – none of that using a ruler to make sure highlights are straight or anything like that for me 😀
      Yeah, just a little controversy for Iceland but they were just so funny, especially in the interviews they did for it (worth a watch!)


    1. Mood trackers are hard. I mostly use mine because I want to track my anxiety, or at least days where anxiety is the most notable mood I had.


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