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Crochet – Rug Extension and Black and White Hoooked Rug

     Hello everyone – I don’t know if you knew this about me but I have a yarn buying problem. I just can’t help myself – I love buying yarn. A while back Love Crochet had a deal where if you bought 10 balls of Hoooked yarn there was 40% off…so I bought 11.

     Let’s just say that 11 things of Hoooked Ribbon XL are hard to store so I had to get to using them up quickly!

     You might remember the rug I made last year…well, I decided that it needed to be bigger so five more balls of yarn went into that and yeah, it’s a pretty big rug now!

     Four of the eleven balls of hooked yarn went into making a rug for another room in the house. I wanted something simple but different to the pattern I’d used before and settled on this:

     The pattern did have some extra shell rounds to finish it off but I ran out of yarn because I opted to make a bigger circle rug, although it’s not a very good circle.

     Thankfully, Hoooked yarn works up really quickly so I didn’t have that yarn cluttering the top of my shelves for too long…let’s not talk about the subsequent yarn haul that filled that space…


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