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Crochet – Diamond Ridges Hat

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well today.

     I was thinking, you know what would be the perfect project to both make and show at the start of summer – a lovely, warm crocheted hat perfect for chilly winter walks. Always timely here on Puddle Side Musings!

     So I had two balls of Stylecraft Batik Elements yarn (in Titanium colourway) that my mum had picked out a number of months ago for a hat. The free pattern that came with the yarn was for a knitted hat but being a crocheter (even though I know I started with knitting), I kept putting off making the hat until winter was long over.

     Well, I wanted to clear some space in my yarn basket so I had to finally use up this yarn and settled on crocheting a hat instead of knitting one. That set me off on a long search on Ravelry for a pattern I thought this yarn would work with that would be something with texture and eventually found this Diamond Ridges Hat pattern.

     It took me a while to get used to the stitches needed for this hat and the first few rounds got unravelled a few times before getting them right but once I got into the repeat section I got the swing of it and it was actually quite easy. I’m very happy with how it came out.

     I love the textured look of this stitch pattern and I think I would try mat this hat again if I needed some hats. I’d like to try it in some solid colour yarns or different colourways.

     Find this project on Ravelry here.


8 thoughts on “Crochet – Diamond Ridges Hat

  1. Never mind making a timely project for winter, I think a warm hat is needed now in this everlasting rain. Lovely result too!
    I had great fun making a similar hat using a diamond trellis pattern last year….Honeycomb Hat by Yarninspirations Design.Like you I struggled with the stitch at first but eventually got the gang of it. I think a solid colour would look great too and show off the stich.I did the trellis stitch in black and the background in the funfetti shade of Caron Cakes….because at the time I was obsessed with getting a stained glass effect.

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    1. True – not exactly the warmest of summers going on here!
      Ooh, that hat you made sounds nice – going to have to look up that pattern. I definitely think I’m going through a textured stitch phase at the moment because all the patterns I’m looking up seem to falling into that look.

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