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Crochet Society Box Review

     Hello everyone. How are you? Hope you’re doing well and having a good week.

     I don’t have a craft for you today but I have something crochet related and a review. If you’re a crocheter on Instagram, and follow a few UK crocheters especially, you’ll likely be aware of the Crochet Society subscription box, a new subscription box that just came out. It’s been put together by Sarah-Jayne (Bella Coco) who I imagine is one of the most well known crocheters there is because so many people have mentioned they learned to crochet by watching her videos on YouTube.

     Anyway, I saw that she was coming out with a subscription box and knew that I had to give it a go. I’d been wanting to get a crochet subscription box for a while but most of the ones I came across were US based and buying anything from the US risks getting charged customs which generally sours whatever you buy but Crochet Society is UK based and that means (for now anyway until someone figures out what’s going on with Brexit) it’s cheap enough to get.

     So this is the first Crochet Society box that came out at the end of May (which I got at the start of June):

     It looks lovely, doesn’t it? I’d say the pastel look is definitely a Sarah-Jayne style and I’m not against it, it is very pretty.

     But let’s get through all the contents….starting with the box (because who doesn’t love a good box?). Can I just say that I was very impressed from the start of this subscription because even the box is really good quality and absolutely gorgeous! I love how the box matches the theme of the contents and has that velcro closer – Makes for a very nice crochet project box.

     Okay, I’m guessing when it comes to a subscription box you want to know about the contents and not the box. I guess the star of the show is the yarn because that’s pretty essential for a crochet box. The yarn in question is these two balls of 50g, DK weight, West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep yarn (one light grey and one baby blue) which is a wool and nylon blend. Being a baby yarn, this stuff is super soft and from the little bit I’ve crocheted with it, it’s really nice to use. I love the colours that were picked for the box too so that helps – any time grey is one of the colours, I’m happy! For the first box, I do think DK weight yarn is a good one to go with because it’s a nice, middle of the road kind of weight that pretty much everyone has used, rather than go for a chunky or lace weight for the first box (though I hope to see different weights in future boxes because I love trying different yarns).

     I don’t have an individual photo of it but to go with the yarn was a booklet with information on the contents of the box, four different patterns using the yarn and interviews with some of the designers. I really liked the booklet and that it wasn’t just the patterns. The interviews were fun to read and the extra information was useful. Also, about the patterns, as I said there were four of them and I appreciated how different they were from each other. There was a pattern for a pair of gloves, one for a wall hanging, one for some little teddies and a bonus fourth pattern that was for a pair of baby shoes.

     Next up are some of the goodies that came in the box (and there were a lot of them!). All the patterns provided use a 3.5mm hook so the box comes with a nice rose gold one that has a specially made handle to match the theme of the box. It looks great! I love the Crochet Society branded measuring tape that came in the box because a good measuring tape is great to have and I love ones wind themselves up like that and also, the stitch markers are really cute. There’s a handy journal card size cheat sheet with US/UK hook sizes and terms and also, in case you want to make the little teddies in the pattern book, the box comes with some safety eyes and stuffing – I appreciate that because not everyone will have a supple of stuffing on hand.

     But wait, there’s still more!

     As some extra goodies, not necessarily crochet related but things that can be used for crochet, there are some sticky notes you can use for marking where you are in patterns (or for marking things I want to make in magazines as I use them for), and a cute little notebook that you can use for taking notes of what you’re making. I’m a crocheter but also a stationery addict so I very much appreciate these additions to the box!

     So yeah, those are the contents of the very first Crochet Society box and I’m glad I decided to subscribe from the start because I had so much fun opening this box. This is the first one so I feel it had a few extra goodies than it normally would in order to celebrate that so I’m curious to see what the next box looks like. There’s a gap between this first box coming out and the second one (which I think comes out after July 15th) because Sarah-Jayne wanted time to get feedback from this first box in case things needed to be changed for the second showing that there is a lot of thought put into this. I’m subscribed for another two boxes at the moment so I look forward to getting those and maybe resubscribing for a few more months!

5 thoughts on “Crochet Society Box Review

    1. I resisted them too for a while but it’d been a while since my art subscription box ended so I just got that craving I couldn’t resist for another subscription box 😀

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    1. I had started the wall hanging but ripped that back so I could make the gloves instead – though I still plan on making the wall hanging, just in different colours 🙂


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