Discussion Time – Basic Planner Supplies

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you had a nice weekend.

     For today’s planner post I thought I’d turn the topic of attention to basic planner supplies and see what you count as your basic supplies. I mean, if I were talking about my most basic of basic planner supplies this post would just be me talking about two pens, a 0.1 black Copic liner that I absolutely love, mostly because it means I can write really small and a twin tip Tombow Fudenosuke which has a grey felt brush tip and a black felt brush tip. I have two pen loops on my planner so these two pens are always with my bujo. I use the copic for writing and the fudenosuke for crossing things off and writing titles.

     If I look past those two pens though I have a few extra supplies which I keep in a pencil case that are also somewhat bujo essentials. This pencil case is also my sketchbook essentials because there is some overlap with the pens so some things I don’t use in my planner that much – I just figured that there was no need to have two essentials pencil cases.

     So let’s look at the pencil case. We’ll go left to right so first is the Fudenosuke pen mentioned above and next is a small mint tin with six half pans of watercolour paint. I was pouring some pans for my artist quality paint palette a few months ago and thought ‘why not pour some extra pans for a very mini travel palette’ so I did! It’s not a cohesive painting palette, just a few colours that I can use to mix a few others in case I want to had some colours to my spreads so there’s yellow ochre, winsor red, sap green, prussian blue, neutral tint and payne’s grey (yes, I believe my very mini palette does need two greys!).

     Okay, next is a mechanical pencil, very basic but essential, but then I have two grey Tombow Dual Brush Pens which I use quite a bit for headings and adding shadows to boxes – that sort of thing. Then I have the marker version of Payne’s grey watercolour by Winsor and Newton which again I use for headings but also to add colour to boxes and such. Oh, and obviously if I’m going to have watercolour supplies, a waterbrush is handy to have on hand.

     Getting a bit more into supplies I use more for art over planning (but still do use in my bujo), I have grey fineliner (because I thought my pencil case didn’t have enough grey in it!), a white gel pen for adding highlights or writing on dark backgrounds, a ruler (sometimes used, often admired because it’s cute) and a small tin that I keep a kneaded eraser in.

     And so those are the contents of my pencil case – my sketching and bujoing essentials. Is there anything in my pencil case that you’d count as an essential supply? What would be in your essentials pencil case?

3 thoughts on “Discussion Time – Basic Planner Supplies

    1. Haha, well, I have a lot of coloured pens and markers too but I don’t use nearly enough colour in my bujo to justify having them on hand! I mean, I do use some colour but usually only one, occasionally two and inevitably one of the two is grey 😀


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