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Crochet Society Box – What I Made

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.

     Do you remember that kind of review I did a few weeks ago of the first Crochet Society Box? Well, I’ve finally actually finished making the things from the box so I can show you now what they look like!

     Although first, what I started making and then decided not to:

     I originally started on the wall hanging pattern from the box and was enjoying how it was looking but something was missing from it for me. The colours of the yarn in the box were nice but they didn’t have much contrast and I decided that I’d like a bit more contrast in the wall hanging (maybe a grey and teal combo?) so I ripped back what I’d started and set to making the gloves from the box instead.

     The gloves were nice to make and I think the colours look much nicer on the gloves – plus, I got more practice at doing bobble stitches and learned how to do the star stitch. I ended up giving these gloves to my mum as she needed a pair but I might try make these again at some stage in different colours (and maybe make a longer cuff because I do like a longer glove).

     I had a good bit of yarn left over from making the gloves so I gave making the pocket bear pattern a go as well.

     It’s pretty cute. It’s made working the front and back pieces flat and sewing them together, so not my usual style. The box came with stuffing for it which was nice and safety eyes as well which I was looking forward to trying because I’ve never actually used safety eyes before – I prefer sewing eyes with yarn because safety eyes are terribly named and are unsafe for toddlers and babies – but I ended up not using them and sewing eyes instead because they just felt too small for the bear. It was fun to try this pattern to I like seeing the end result but I don’t think I’d be giving this a go again, I just prefer working in the round if I’m doing stuffed toys or things like this.

     There was a bonus baby slipper pattern which I didn’t try because I have no need to make baby slippers but giving three out of four patterns a go isn’t bad. Also, the box coming with enough yarn to make two of the patterns was nice – not sure how much yarn I’d have had left if I’d made the wall hanging but being able to make a pair of gloves and a little pocket bear from the yarn the box came with does make you feel like you’re getting value from the box (I did start on another pocket bear and made the back of it but I realised I was going to be a few grams short of yarn to make the other half – so close though!).

12 thoughts on “Crochet Society Box – What I Made

    1. Yeah, it’s nice having a few options and all very different – a wall hanging, some gloves, baby slippers and cuddly toy, there’s good variety there versus just have a knitted or a crocheted version of a scarf which some boxes might have.


    2. I’m impressed, so I’ve just signed up for a 3 month trial! It’s really not too expensive and the pattern options are what have sold it to me… I’ve found others a bit hit and miss, because if I didn’t like the pattern supplied it felt like a waste of money. Thanks for letting us know about this… You should claim commission!

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    3. Glad I can spread the word! Hope you enjoy the boxes you get. I do know what you mean – like, yes if you don’t like the pattern in a box, you can still use the yarn to make whatever else you want but it does feel like you’re missing out on something by not making the pattern.
      I think the second box is currently on its way to me so I’m quite excited to see what’s in it (I think one of the pattern designers makes a lot of amigurumi so there’s probably going to be an amigurumi pattern which obviously makes me happy 😀 )


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