2019 Bujo – Entertainment Lists/Tracking

     Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Hope it was fun and/or relaxing – whichever it was you were aiming for!

     I wasn’t sure what to name this post/section of pages in my bullet journal. They’re lists of things – books, games, movies and tv shows to be more precise – in the entertainment category and it’s tracking in a way but I wouldn’t call these trackers myself. Trackers imply much more of an active tracking where as I largely forget I have these lists in my planner and just update them every few months when I remember.

     Oh yes, what are the pages in question? Well, they’re list pages that look like this:

     And this:

      When I was setting up my planner for this year, I decided I wanted to make some lists of books and games and such that I would try make my focus for the year. Mostly the lists were made of things I had bought in 2018 and figured I should really get around to consuming in 2019 – I had bought a lot of games in sales and audio books from Audible credits that I just never got around to playing/listening to and as for TV shows, there’s a number I keep telling myself I should watch or even have started but never finished that I do want to at some point.

     So, at the start of year I made my list with the thought that ‘I will play these games this year and no others until I’ve cleared this list’ and so on.

     Well, it’s safe to say that that plan quickly went out the window and loads of new games came out that I wanted, got and played (or will be playing as August to December is chocked full of game releases I didn’t even know about at the start of the year). I also wasn’t that interested in short fantasy novels with LGTBQ+ characters at the start of the year, wanting instead to focus on the non-fiction collection of books on history, maps and art smuggling I have sitting unread on my shelf, but LGTBQ fantasy (specifically fantasy detective stories) is what I feel like reading lately so that’s what I’m reading. Basically, my lists turned from a lists of things I was definitely going to focus to a suggestion that I can ignore and frequently do.

     All in all, I’m not sure what the point of this blog post is at all other than to say ‘look, these are some more of my bujo pages’.

6 thoughts on “2019 Bujo – Entertainment Lists/Tracking

    1. Thanks! I think doing the background in a subtle colour like that is a good way of adding the colour to a page where you’re essentially just making a list and don’t want a busy background. 🙂


    1. I read Witchmark by C.L. Polk and enjoyed that. I’m currently reading The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles and it’s a good too, definitely preferred Witchmark though. Borderline by Mishell Baker is next on my list – that one sounds really good. Kinda just starting in on the genre so I just googled recommended lists so I’m reading a lot of the obvious, most read books at the moment.
      Got any recommendations I can add to my list?

      Liked by 1 person

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