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Amigurumi Time – Wanda the Frill-Necked Lizard

     Hello everyone, hope you doing well. Any plans for the weekend?

     Anyone reading this remember my yarn haul post from last November? No? Well, I bought a lot of yarn at the Knitting and Stitch Show and I’m finally getting around to using it up! I recently got a yarn winder so I could wind my skeins into centre pull cakes but at the time of getting the yarn winder, I didn’t actually have many skeins to wind. Looking through my stash, I remembered I had this hand dyed TOFT yarn so I got a practice using my yarn winder and swift with it.

     Long, pointless story short, I found some yarn in my stash that came with a pattern so I used the yarn to make the pattern. Here is Wanda the Frill Necked Lizard:

     I do like the autumnal mix of colours but I wish there wasn’t so much of a pool of red on the body section…definitely looks better from the front, I think.

     Still very cute though! I do love the limited edition hand dyed Toft yarns and the lizard patterns that go with them.

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