August 2019 – Monthly Bujo Spread

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well. How was your weekend?

     I recently signed up for the Papergang subscription box and enjoyed the style of the items in it so I decided to take some inspiration from it for my August bujo spreads. I opted to use a dusty pink Tombow brush pen for the pink and for my darker colour I used the payne’s grey watercolour brush pen from Winsor and Newton (instead of the somewhat more neon pink used in the calendar print from the box).

     I enjoyed doing this spread, starting with the pink leaves and flowers and then offsetting the dark blue/grey layer.

     I kept a similar look for the calendar part of my spread and used the payne’s grey for title boxes, writing the titles then white gel pen so they’re visible. For my lists, I mixed up drawing the boxes in payne’s grey and dusty pink, trying not to favour one colour over the other too much.

     I do have one extra page in my monthly spread this time, inspired by some list pages I’ve been doing for the past few months where I track books and games I’ve been getting as well as what I’ve actually finished reading/playing. Also there’s the first few days of August on the opposite page – I figured why not split that week up seeing as I hadn’t done much of anything for the first few days of that week. It was a simple spread but it did the job.

     But yeah, those are my August pages. Again, I’ve gone a bit more decorative than I have in the past and it took my a little bit of time to work this one out but having done that, it wouldn’t take too long to do again in the future and I imagine it would look good in a number of different colours so it could work for a lot of themes. I’m quite happy with how it came out – let me know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “August 2019 – Monthly Bujo Spread

    1. Thanks! I find bleed through isn’t really an issue for me – ghosting a little is because the paper is thin (doesn’t bother me at all) but bleed through usually isn’t unless I’m really going overboard with layering colours and using lots of water. The Tombows never really bleed through on me because I typically just do one layer of colour and I’ve picked pens that don’t bleed through.
      Using the watercolour brush marker straight on the page does risk it because it is so heavily pigmented but when then bleeds through I usually just incorporate it into the look (like I did my January pages) or cover it up with another block of dark colour – or, I just do nothing and accept that sometimes those kinds of things happen! I don’t think I’ve ever actually skipped pages in my bujo…


    2. Some of my pens are a bit too juicy so I do get problems with heavy ghosting or bleed through. If I skip pages I do go back to them later. I’ve started doing a bit of collage to hide the splots, or I stick washi tape over. I have some old brush pens that don’t show through so I use them for large areas of colour.

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    3. Juicy pens can be an issue. I never have problems with the Tombow brush pens but oddly enough sometimes find the Crayola markers can be a little juicy so I have to be more careful about layering them.
      My main pen for writing in my bujo though is a Copic 0.1 multiliner so no bleed through issues there – I like writing with very thin nibbed pens so that’s probably helping me with not having bleed through.


  1. I like it a lot- especially the incoming/outgoing/reply section. I have a whole journal I use for that but it’s not decorated. (In fact, right now it’s packed away under my giant mail stack waiting for me to get organized!)

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