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Yarn Dyeing III – Using Commercial Balls of Yarn

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

     I have one more yarn dyeing post to show you this summer – I’ve been a bit distracted by getting other jobs done so I’ve not been able to do as much yarn dyeing as I’d like but I have stocked up on yarn to dye so hopefully there will be more over autumn and winter.

     But anyway, the yarn, let’s talk about the yarn. This one was actually the second yarn dyeing session I had:

     I had 200g of King Cole wool that I thought I wanted to use for arm warmers so I split it up and wound it up into 2 100g balls and started by dyeing those 2 balls with an aqua/teal colour. After that, I unwound the yarn and wound it again in the opposite way to dye it purple, however the purple really didn’t penetrate that far whereas the teal blue did so really, this is mostly just a blue skein.

     Now, when I was dying the mini skeins with kool-aid, I ended up with a lot of leftover pink and red colours that I didn’t want to waste. Luckily I had some more King Cole wool yarn to spare so I just threw the dry yarn and kool-aid into a pot and left it for a bit. I didn’t waste any colour but I do now have quite a lot of mottled pink/red yarn that I don’t know what I’m doing with…I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually!

     Anyway, so that’s the last of my summer dyeing sessions. These ones aren’t as pretty and interesting as the last two posts but worth showing anyway as a record of my dyeing journey!

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