September Monthly Bujo Pages

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re doing well. Did you have a good weekend?

     It’s time for me to show you my monthly pages from by bullet journal now but I’m not going to have as many pages to show you this month because…well…well I forgot to do a title page for September. Yup – I was drawing my monthly calendar and my spread for the first week and when it was all done I looked back and was thinking something was off but it didn’t hit me until I went to take photos that I didn’t do my usual title page just to separate the months! It’s no big deal but yeah, no decorative title page this month!

     Hopefully my monthly page will satisfy you enough. Having just recently redecorated my bedroom, I decided to take inspiration from it for my spread which was helped along by finding a sticker in my stash that had a similar aesthetic of grey/blue walls, dark wood and plants. I used a dark, desaturated blue crayola marker for my titles and some grey and blue washi tapes as accents and yeah, that’s about it.

     I haven’t incorporated any brown really into the spread to reflect the furniture in my room but maybe that’ll come in a future weekly spread.

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