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     Hello everyone – hope you’re doing well and had a nice weekend.

     A very quick post for you today because I’m writing this less than an hour before my posts usually go out and also didn’t really have a very interesting topic to write about today so…address books…this is my current one:

     It’s a pocket size ring planner that a friend sent me from Japan that I use as my address book. I say it’s my current one because I seem to have tried so many address books over the last few years.

     I basically just bought a lot of different coloured Filofax pages and write on them – one colour page for family, one for pen pals and such.

     It is a far, far, from perfect solution for an address book. Ideally, I would have the perfect inserts that I designed myself to suit my needs but I am far too lazy for that because something I do remember from my Filofax days is that I hate printing and cutting my own insert pages – I just don’t have the patience for it (or a consistent enough printer!).

     So yeah, I’d like to know what you use as an address book or if you have any suggestions of for a good one to buy or something  – you know, one that doesn’t take up space for filling in fax information and give you pretty much one line for filling in an actual address! I keep notes in my address book of peoples birthdays, emails, social media handles and such so using conventional address books usually doesn’t work for me.

7 thoughts on “Address Book

  1. I don’t know anyone else who uses address books. Everyone relies so heavily on FB to remember friends’ birthdays, except that I don’t use FB and haven’t for 3 years. I keep records on my phone but don’t have a good organizational system in place. Writing down relevant info in your book is a really useful way to make the most out of it.

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    1. I don’t use FB either – do the old fashioned thing of having birthdays listed in my planner and trying to remember to message people to wish them a happy day! Plus, I know so many people who don’t put their birthdays on FB to force people to remember when it is!
      For me, having an address book is essential mostly for keeping track of my pen pals info and it’s just very useful to have a set place for listing their addresses and either their emails or social media in case I need to contact them that way.

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    2. I’m terrible at remembering pen pal info…. tbh I screenshot the addresses and store them on my phone. I also have an excel spreadsheet with 50+ addresses which I used to keep track of wedding invites (it’s not up to date anymore). I think in the future, I will store this info in a notebook or planner. If I ever lost my phone, that would be a very bad thing. *Sigh* I rely on this little handheld rectangle so much. 😓

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    3. P.S. I took your advice and found a notebook. Luckily, I bought a pocket notebook the other day which is the perfect size for an address book.

      Also, I took this a bit further and I’m transferring all of my photos off of my phone and onto the computer. Organizing files is a task that I have been avoiding for months. I also plan to organize the files themselves, but baby steps for now. I was able to transfer at least half of my photos last night which is a good start!

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    4. What good luck – yeah having everything on your phone is useful because you’ll always have that with you but I think it’s better to have a physical backup like a notebook just in case something happens, like having all your phone photos backing up to the cloud so if you lose your phone you don’t lose all your photos…
      …Although with that in mind I really should get around to copying all my photos on my computer to an external harddrive, I’m so bad at remembering to do that! So well done for getting around to transferring your photos – it is one of those tasks you tell yourself to do but always seem to put off.

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    5. My cloud is maxed out and I refuse to pay for more storage. Right now I’m transferring everything to the laptop and from there, will transfer to the hard drive. It’s very disorganized so I would like to attack that too.

      It’s great having everything accessible on the cell phone. Sometimes that comes with a cost though – it’s harder to find what you’re looking for and multiples often becomes an issue because you forget what you have! Seeing I had 5,000+ photos on my phone is what made me decide to transfer and delete everything from the phone. I yearn for a minimalist phone so I’m not heavily dependent on it.

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    6. 5,000 photos – so many! Yeah, I think everyone is at a point now of realising they need to declutter their lives (thanks to Marie Kondo!) but that’s just physical stuff. It’s so easy to forget the clutter of digital stuff because it’s not right there in front of you.
      I definitely need to go through all the files on my laptop and put some order to everything because my downloads folder is simply a mess!


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