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October 2019 – Outgoing Mail

     Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

     October is always a busy month for for snail mail for me. Not only is it my birthday so I get a few extra cards in the mail but October seems to be the birth month of half of people I know. Really, my calendar fills up quite a bit in October with reminders to send out cards.

     Cards like these:

 ….which will be featured more in a future post.

     Other things I sent out in the mail last month include this little cute guy who went on a trip to Germany:

     And packages like these:

….which I forgot to photograph the actual contents of other than these yarns which I sent to Emma in the UK:

     October wasn’t all about packages though, I also got a good number of letters replied to and made use of some of the envelopes I’d made, bought and decorated in the past (some years ago!):

     All that mail called for a lot of stamps so I did my best to use a good variety of them:

     Got a favourite?

4 thoughts on “October 2019 – Outgoing Mail

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, the last three months of the year are so busy for snail mail! So many birthdays in October xD I get a brief break in November but that’s largely to prep for holiday mail 😀


  1. Oh I love your stuff… I am just beginning to decorate my envelopes for my cards (all hand painted originals on the cards, albeit no where near as nice as yours lol) and it is a lot of work when you have 18 a year to do minimum, but so much fun…
    I always get texts etc to say they get them but no one ever sends me any in return… so sad the snail mail is losing to technology.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring me further…

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    1. Thanks! It can be hard hand painting all your cards but I think something like that is worth the effort! It makes it special. It is a shame that people just sent texts or messages online to say they got them – I do wish thank you notes were more common. They really should be, there’s no shortage of beautiful thank you card sets to buy out there!

      Liked by 1 person

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