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Misc. Crochet (and Knitting) – A Bunch of Hats

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re doing well. Looking forward to the weekend?

     It’s hat season everyone! Well, for the majority of my readers who live in the northern hemisphere it is so I’ve been making some hats these past weeks/months. I’ve got a few to show so I thought I’d round them up into one post.

     First up is this Pusheen hat that I crocheted for my friend in Japan who absolutely adores Pusheen:

     For this one I used a pattern I found here on Ravelry.

     It wasn’t too difficult of a hat to make, I’m just really bad at sewing lots of small pieces on (which does make me wonder why my favourite crochet to do is amigurumi?).

     I only sent it out in the post about a week ago so she won’t have gotten it yet but hopefully she’ll like it and it’ll fit. I mean, if it doesn’t, at least it’s still cute?

     Okay, next up is this hat that I made using yarn leftover from my Hinterlands Shawl:

     I used this pattern here which I thought would be good with a solid yarn as it shows the stitch pattern. On a side note, this works from top to bottom so I started with the black and worked up to the cream. As I was making it, it just kept reminding me of a pint of Guinness so I refer to this hat as the Guinness hat, or maybe I should call it generic stout hat…

     And moving on to the last hat…guess what…it’s not crochet…guys, I knitted something – I remembered how to knit!

     So this is a knitted Gryffindor hat that I made for my 7/8 year old neighbour. I didn’t use a pattern for it hat, just looked up roughly how many stitches kids hats generally used because who does gauges! (Probably really should do that…).

     Even though I started with knitting and then moved to crochet, I am predominantly a crocheter but I will admit that I prefer the general look and feel of a knitted hat. If you’re a knitter or a crocheter, are there still things you prefer the look of or to make using the other yarn craft?

6 thoughts on “Misc. Crochet (and Knitting) – A Bunch of Hats

  1. I NEED a cat hat! Right now! I am definitely going to make one of those. The Guinness hat looks really good too. I was looking for a pattern that would be good for my Dad and I think that might be it.
    For clothes and hats etc I much prefer the look of knitted things rather than crochet, but when it comes to amigurumi then crochet wins every time.

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    1. XD Doesn’t everyone need a cat hat? 😀
      Yeah, I think the pattern I used for the Guinness hat is a good one for more ‘masculine’ hats – it was a nice and simple pattern but that little bit of texture with the stitches makes a huge difference.
      So I’m not the only one with knitting and crochet preferences like that! I am mostly a crocheter but lately I’ve feeling the urge to try make myself a pair of socks and I just don’t think crochet socks would be as nice/comfy so I really need to get my knitting back in action.

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    2. Yeah, maybe some chunky slipper socks would work with crochet but for wearable with shoes socks, need them to be knitted. I’m sure someone can prove me wrong with the crochet socks but you’d probably have to use such a fine yarn it would take forever to make just a single sock!


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