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Bujo Weekly Spreads – November 2019

     Hello everyone. How are you? Hope you’re doing well and had a nice weekend.

     As I mentioned in my monthly bujo post, I did manage to keep my colour theme going for all my weekly spreads this month – my monthly colour theme being autumnal browns because I hadn’t done a brown spread this year.

     I tried out a few different spread ideas this month. This was my first one:

     I wanted to do one of those spreads where there’s elaborate doodles in the space around and it looks really pretty…only I don’t have the patience for that at all and ended up just doing some scribbles and made a mess.

     Oh well!

     For my second spread, I ended up with this:

     I have a huge blank space on the left page. I intended to draw something there using  white gel pen but I never got around to that because I’m too lazy…

     Oh well…again…

     For my third spread, I went with something simpler:

     I just scribbled some different colours of brown down in rough sections that would be for morning, afternoon, evening and anytime tasks.

     My spread for this week is quite similar but without the different sections. I just wrote the days, used a bit of washi tape and left it at that.

     And so those were my weekly spreads from this month. Like I said, consistent with colours, not so much with nice looking spreads.

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