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Octobers Birthday Cardmaking Session

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re doing well.

     A quick card making post for you today because yes, I swear I still do make cards on occasion!

     October is quite a busy month for birthdays for me so making a number of birthday cards that are either the same or use the same kit is what I usually end up doing. In this case, I had this card making kit someone had gotten me a year or two ago that had lots of otter topper pieces and suitable sentiments.

     The kit had these two large topper pieces that looked like layers of pattern paper (top left and bottom right cards below) so I kinda just used them as inspiration for layering different pieces of pattern paper from the kit and my stash.

     I liked the look of the otter images on the kraft card stock but I only had A6 size card bases and as most of the topper images were larger and square they didn’t really fit on what I had.

     For some of the smaller die-cut/topper pieces I just turned them into tags.

     And yeah, those were the stock of cards I made for my birthday needs in October. Now, to get back to finishing up some Christmas cards because oh god is that coming up quickly!


3 thoughts on “Octobers Birthday Cardmaking Session

  1. I can’t help but admire your beautiful cards. I really like how they are personalized and made with love. As much as I want to send Christmas cards this year, I have decided against it, although I too enjoy sending mail. Have a great day! 😊🌺

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    1. Thanks ^-^
      I made a lot of Christmas cards this year too but none of them are for myself – might seem strange but the cards I’ll be sending out to a few people are bought cards. Well I didn’t buy them, I was sent a set of sloth themed christmas cards so of course I have to use them but it does seem strange that someone who loves making cards isn’t sending out handmade christmas cards

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    2. Luckily, there are a lot of cute store-bought cards out there and I don’t think the recipients will judge! 😅 Tbh, this is the first year I’m not sending Christmas cards. In the past, I sent cards to people across the border, and to faraway family across the country. I made a huge deal out of it, and stuffed my cards with sentimental, flat items. Your sloth cards sound really lovely! 😊💕

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