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Room Decor – Fabric Panel Wall Hanging

     Hello everyone, how are you? Any nice plans for the weekend? Looking forward to Sunday when you get to start your advent calendar? For my Irish readers (there could be one of you…), any plans for this evening to watch The Late Late Toy Show?

     Let me know about all that stuff but also, I’ll get to the point of this crafty post which is just a quick one while I’m still getting some of my Christmas posts ready. Having recently redecorated my bedroom, I found myself in need of some nice, preferably big wall decor. I was originally going to put one long shelf on this wall but then I got this tall lamp for my bedside locker and thought one long shelf would look unbalanced above this lamp here and the plant I have to the left (just out of shot of this photo).

     I spent some time thinking about what I could do, like maybe get a smaller shelf but I stumbled across this beautiful fabric panel that I fell in love with and wanted to put up on my wall. I did consider just framing it but getting a large frame like that would be expensive so I opted to turn the fabric panel into a wall hanging for above my bed/locker.

     The fabric panel really is pretty – up close you can see the shimmer of the gold in it:

    It was a pretty simple DIY really – I hemmed all the edges to tidy them up and stop fraying and folded over the top and bottom ends to create the loops for running some wooden dowels through. For the wooden dowels, those are just dowels I picked up for a few euro each, cut to size (a.k.a. got my dad to saw them to size), sanded the ends and used a bit of wood stain so they would match the rest of my room a bit better. I had some of this strong seagrass stuff for weaving stools and baskets in my stash so I used a bit of that for the hanging part which is hot glued and wrapped around the dowel ends.

     I didn’t do any of this neatly – one end has more seagrass than the other, the nail in the wall isn’t pretty and there’s thread ends everywhere but from a distance you can’t tell at all so that’s nice!

     So, the wooden dowels cost me about €3 each and the fabric panel was €10…I did spend €11 on a whole new bottle of wood stain just to use a tiny bit but I wanted to get some wood stain for my stash anyway so it wasn’t just for this make. Everything else like the seagrass rope and hot glue gun was stuff I already had so really this was a very affordable way of getting a large piece of art for my wall.

     Let me know what you think of this wall hanging and if it’s something you’ve done before.

4 thoughts on “Room Decor – Fabric Panel Wall Hanging

  1. That wood panel is really pretty. The design is tranquil and elegant, which I like a lot.

    I used to have a fascination with Chinese characters and had a couple of different pieces of art on my wall. One was a free-standing symbol for “Beautiful” and the other was a framed image for “summer.” I also had a necklace which broke unfortunately which matched the “beautiful” Chinese character on my wall.

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    1. Chinese characters can make for really lovely pieces of art…although now thanks to having forgotten almost everything I learned over the four years of degree where I studied Japanese, looking at chinese characters gives me some sense of dread as I think ‘oh shit, how do you read that, is it this way? oh no, is that the on-yomi or kun-yomi reading?’
      total panic mode 😀

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    2. Japanese is not an easy language to learn and it’s so cool that you studied it in school. I tried to memorize the hiragana on my own and struggled. I had a book which I used to teach myself but gave up since I couldn’t practice regularly.

      My cousin married a girl from Japan and back then, they were still living in Japan so I hardly got to see them. I would love to visit Japan one day! 🌸🌸🌸

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    3. I found hiragana quite easy to learn (although don’t ask me to write any of it now!) but for some reason I just could not remember katakana – that alphabet was the bane of my studies 😀 I really need to get back into learning Japanese – probably have to start from scratch now, find a good app for learning…
      I would love to visit Japan someday too. It’s just so expensive to get there and stay there…and do pretty much anything there…


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