My Advent Calendars – 2019

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re doing well and were able to treat yourself this morning by opening a box or door or whatever form your advent calendar comes in!

     As I write this I haven’t actually opened mine yet but I’m looking forward to it because this year I have a yarn advent calendar! I mentioned this before but I asked my parents if they could get me a yarn advent calendar for my birthday back at the start of October, it arrived early November, I set it up a few days ago and now I just want to see the yarn!

     I have all the bags hanging up (there will be a small Christmas tree going up in the corner where the plant is but not for a few days) and will leave the yarn hanging up in place so eventually I’ll have a lovely string of mini skein decor for my room until I decide what I’m going to do with it…unless I decide to make something as I open them…I don’t know yet. What would be a good thing to make using lots of advent mini skeins?

     Oh, I do also have a chocolate advent calendar because I do like a bit of chocolate…

     What kind of advent calendar have you gone for this year?

12 thoughts on “My Advent Calendars – 2019

    1. I spent so much time looking at yarn advent calendars last year that I just had to get one this year.
      It’s not even Christmas 2019 and I’m already thinking about Christmas 2020 but I think for next year I might start putting together some mini skeins of either yarn I buy or else dye over the course of the year myself and see if anyone wants to do an advent yarn swap because I think that could be fun too.


  1. I have a Lindt chocolate calendar too but it’s smaller than the ones Costco sells. The Costco one has a chocolate Santa and umbrella in it, where my calendar this year does not. Oh well – chocolate is chocolate!

    Your yarn advent calendar looks beautiful hung up on your wall alongside your wall hanging! ♥️

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    1. Just so excited to finally be able to open it 😀
      And enjoy my Lindt one too of course because do need that bit of chocolate and Lindt is the best – ate my mini chocolate bunny this morning for breakfast and it was lovely 😀

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    2. My Lindt calendar is smaller. I got a Lindt chocolate ball this morning and couldn’t split it two ways, so I ate it. Lindt chocolate is always delicious! Btw, I am curious to see what kinds of yarn you get this month! ♥️

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    3. I don’t think I’ll post everyday but I’ll certainly post a few pictures from the month on Instagram. I look forward to being able to photograph all the yarn together at the end of the month – it’s going to look so pretty! Also it’ll hopefully give me some ideas of what I want to make with the advent yarn because I do want to some one project using all the yarn.

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    4. It’s too bad I don’t check Instagram these days, so I might not get to see your photos there. I’m working on a personal development journey, and am simplifying my life until the end of 2020 (long-term goal). Not sure if WordPress counts as social media but I’m not giving it up. 😂😂

      Even if you don’t post everyday, posting on a weekly basis (7 photos for the week) would be sufficient. Or you could do a collage of the various yarns on IG. So many options! 😀

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    5. Understandably – Instagram can be a bit much and if you’re trying to simplify your life, not logging on there is a good start! But you should still be able to see my Insta photos without going on – my most recent insta posts should show up in my blog sidebar and I’ll definitely do a post sometime in January dedicated to all my advent yarn…and hopefully by then I’ll know what I’m doing with it all! 😀

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    6. I can only see photos if the person’s account is public. After several seconds, a popup will appear on my screen telling me to log into Instagram. *sigh*

      My sidebar for IG isn’t working for some reason, so I need to fix mine, or remove the sidebar for the time being. 😆 Sidebars are useful though. At least it gives me a glimpse of your most recent photos!

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    7. Hate that about not being logged in. I don’t have a facebook account but sometimes your looking for some information and it leads you to facebook and it’s constantly prompting me and covering half the page with a log in section. Very annoying!


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