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Favourite Things 2019: October -December

Hello everyone! How are you this fine New Year’s Day? I hope you’re doing well. Did you have a fun night out or a quiet evening in?

With another three months having passed by, it’s time for me to take a quick look back and figure out what were some of my favourite things from the last few months.

…yarn. It’s yarn. Based on my purchases, my favourite thing has been yarn.

Turns out I’ve just been buying a lot of yarn lately! I mean, most of it was because I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show in November but also there were other purchases like a giant 4KG ball of roving. What with the 25 mini skeins from my advent calendar I also have and the two more skeins of yarn my sister got my this Christmas, I think I’m well stocked up on yarn for a while!

Something not yarn related but still on the crafty side that I would say is a favourite of mine is this cardboard cat house that I made for my cat.

This cat house ended up being a favourite thing of mine just because I was so happy that I finally got my cat to use something I made her. Very happy with that!

Quickly going through some other favourite things – I made a purchase and got some new art (a notecard from Redbubble) to add to the art on top of my chest of drawers and I think it matches both my room and the other Asian style/inspired art I already have wonderfully…

…and I treated myself to some copies of The Lord of the Rings. This might seem an odd purchase but I remembered having these Modern Classics editions when I was younger and you know how you just develop an attachment to certain book covers? Well I missed having these covers on my shelf so I found some used copies (seeing as these came out almost 20 years ago).

And finally, I have some beanie babies:

Being a child who grew up in the 90’s, Beanie Babies were a staple of my childhood. I had a particular attachment to the ape and monkey teddies with my favourite being Bongo. I remembered having a Bongo in every size but going through the bags of teddies in my parents attic recently, I found big Bongo but little Bongo was no where to be found which was upsetting. A few weeks after that discovery, a small packaged arrived with my name on it but I didn’t remember ordering anything from eBay. When I opened it, there was a baby Bongo beanie baby! Turns out my mom had gone straight to ebay to find a replacement Bongo! It was a lovely surprise indeed.

Oh yeah, and in terms of games, I finished Death Stranding which I absolutely loved – even if it is essentially a walking/delivery simulator. I found it to be a very mindful game to play and sure, sometimes there were people trying to attack you to steal your cargo or weird ghost things trying to drag you to the other side and rain that destroyed things but when those things weren’t happening, walking through the beautiful scenery to the games soundtrack was very relaxing! I also really enjoyed playing Yakuza Kiwami and beating people to pieces in an over the top fashion using giant traffic cones in between a very serious and dramatic story about organised crime and betrayals. Good to have a game for every mood you might be in!

So, those have been a few of my favourite things from the past three months. I’d love to hear from you and what some of your favourite things are.

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