2020 Bujo – Yearly Pages Overview – Part II

     Hello everyone, hope you’re well and had a nice weekend.

     Back again this week to take a look at my yearly bujo set up. The bullet journal in question:

     So in the last post I showed you my calendar pages and some of the decorative and notes pages to go with them. These next pages are more of the collection pages. First up is this favourites page so I can note some of my favourite things from each month – makes it a lot easier to write my quarterly favourites posts if I take note of things!

     I have my wish lists page which is a simple selection of rounded boxes for listing different things I want (mostly games!).

     Following that I have some more notes pages. On the left I have a page for ‘creative notes’ which is basically a page for listing some of the things I want to make and the projects I have to upload to Ravelry while on the right I have a page for general notes. Again, all the notes themselves are written on sticky notes which are also stuck down in parts with washi tape.

     Moving on from note taking, I have my savings tracking. Again – gone with the same layout as last year because if it works, why change it!

     I also have a page for tracking how much money my sister has paid me back from the loan I gave her. There’s not too much left that she owes me so I didn’t need a two page spread so I just used the second page as a decorative one, printing out a picture on some sticker paper.

     My gifts tracking page is pretty basic – one page for tracking what I’ve gotten people for their birthdays, one for ideas.

     And finally, I have my health tracking page. I’ve downsized my weight graph a little because I’m only tracking this year but that gave me space to have a little notes section above it. On the right I have a mood tracker – this year I’m going for a simple pixel mood tracker. I’ve got six colours and hopefully I’ll remember to track this year past the first few months.

     Wait, forgot I had one more set of pages – more decorative pages to break things up so that I wouldn’t be going straight into my January pages. Again, just picked a nice image but also a poem I found on Instagram that I really relate to.

     And that is that for my yearly bujo pages! I think I did good at keeping a cohesive look for all the different spreads. What do you think?

If your’re curious about any of the items I use for my bullet journal, I’ve linked a few of the common items I use below. *Disclaimer: these links are Amazon affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided. It’s a great way to help support me and my blog at no extra cost to you so consider using my affiliate links if you plan on making any amazon purchases!

5 thoughts on “2020 Bujo – Yearly Pages Overview – Part II

  1. Thanks for posting all of the photos and tips. Your pages look fabulous. I purchased a planner designed locally and it has tracking pages and sets of lined/grid/dotted pages that I can customize. I’m going to try to follow your example and do a better job of documenting things this year.

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    1. Well here’s hoping that I’ll do better too this year and actually use all my tracking and documenting pages rather than forget about them after a few months!


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