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Miscellaneous Amigurumi from 2019

     I was going through my photos while I was doing some blog planning and realised that I had some small amigurumi projects I hadn’t posted so before we get too far into 2020, here’s a few last things to show from 2019.

     First up, this brown/black bear made from a selection of different yarns because using up scraps.

     I made it to send to a friend in Japan but unfortunately that package went missing so who knows where this bear is now.

     Also, I made this bunny at some point using that rainbow yarn I really struggled with.

     I alternated with white yarn which made the rainbow yarn a bit nicer to look at. It’s not an amazing make by any means but was at least a use for that yarn.

     So I think that’s all the amigurumi I had left from 2019. All the finished ones anyway (I do believe there’s a few body parts in my WIP box that I have long since forgotten about!).

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