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Miscellaneous Knitting and Crochet (from 2019)

     I was right when I said that I didn’t have any more amigurumi  projects left from 2019 but I did find a few other boring pieces to show.

     Like this basket weave dishcloth:

     Or this crocheted bralette:

     That one didn’t really work out for me – the cotton was just very heavy and also, I’m very bad at measuring things which is somewhat essential to a comfy bralette. I did sew an elastic band to the inside which helped a little with fit but not enough to make me wear this. Maybe I’ll get some use out of it over the summer if I need something to sleep in but for not it’s just sitting in my drawer unused.

     There was also a knitted project:

     And now I’m done with my 2019 projects!

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Knitting and Crochet (from 2019)

  1. I live the Basket weave dishcloth. I use that pattern to make baby blankets. I just add a garter stitch border around the basket weave center. Thanks for sharing. Happy crafting!

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    1. I love the look of a basketweave stitch. Well I love a knitted basket weave stitch, think I’m still trying to get used to working the crocheted version.


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