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Scrap Yarn Chevron Scarf

     Happy mid-week everyone. Hope you’re doing well. So, I showed you this rainbow shawl the other week:

 And this weeks crochet showcase is related to that. I had a surprising amount of yarn left over from crocheting that shawl, especially in the green section where I crocheted one less row for each colour than the pattern called for. I was originally going to just toss all the yarn into a basket for adding to my scrap yarn blanket but as the amount of yarn added up, I felt like doing something else with it. That something ended up being a narrow chevron scarf:

     It wasn’t a difficult scarf to make. I tried a few different things at the start until I was happy with the width and how steep the chevron was and then I just crocheted using all the left over yarn in pretty much the same colour order as the shawl.

     What I’m going to do with the scarf, I have no idea because I’m not going to use it myself. Maybe I’ll give it a way…who knows, just that it was a nice way of using all those scrap pieces of yarn.

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