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Surviving Lockdown – Favourite Distractions.

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well. 

     Normally I do a favourites post every three months covering a selection of crafty and non-crafty things (like biscuits) that I’ve been particularly enjoying every month. I will do a post rounding up favourites from April, May and June at the end of June but I thought I’d do a favourites post now at the mid-way mark rounding up some favourite things/activities that have been helping my get through lockdown.

     To no surprise to those who know me, gaming has been a huge help. Games have always been a very important part of my life and a great distraction. Like many, many, many people all around the world, I’ve gotten addicted to Animal Crossing and exploring and decorating my island home in place of being able to go outside. I got Animal Crossing on the last day of March and I have played it every day since then. Sometimes it’s just for a few minutes to do the daily shop and turnip checks, other times it’s for hours as I decide to build a zen bamboo valley. I’m trying not to check the amount of hours I’ve spent playing Animal Crossing but I imagine I’m well over the 100 hour mark…

     I’ve been mostly focused on Animal Crossing in terms of gaming but Final Fantasy VII Remake did finally come out in April and I downloaded that game as soon as I possibly could to play. I love Final Fantasy games (I have a soft spot for XII as that was the first one I played) and FF7 was one of my favourites, despite its age. I was really excited for the remake when I first found out it was being made. I mean, I’d have preferred not to have had to wait so many years to play what amounts to the first disc of a three disc game but even if the remake only covers the Midgar section of FF7, it’s still worth it. While I’m unsure about the changes they made to the ending, I heartily enjoyed the 40-ish hours I spent playing FF7 Remake…now just another 3-5 year wait until the next part probably…

     Okay, but other than gaming, what have I been enjoying…

     The answer is knitting. I’ve really rediscovered a love of knitting.

     I don’t think I’m ever going to find knitting as relaxing as crocheting due to the dread of stitches falling off the needle but when it’s going well, I really enjoy just knitting in garter stitch and the stretchy, squishy fabric it makes.

    I have though been doing less relaxing knitting which I’ve also really enjoyed in the form of sock knitting. I knitted my first sock before lockdown started but lockdown coinciding with the Irish KAL really encouraged me to keep going with sock knitting. I’ve knitted two pairs of socks now. I did have intentions to knit a third pair but got distracted by shawls.

     And to list a third thing I’ve really been enjoying and finding helpful – it’s books. I’ve been really slow at reading lately but I had a sudden urge to start working my way through my TBR pile towards the end of April and I’ve been ploughing my way through books since – it helps that a lot of the books I’m reading are only 200 pages but I think I’ll discuss that and all the other books I’ve read in a post next week because it could be a long one.

     So yeah, to wrap things up, I’ve been relying on gaming, reading and knitting to distract me these last few weeks. What have been some of your best lockdown distractions?

7 thoughts on “Surviving Lockdown – Favourite Distractions.

  1. I’ve been loving animal crossing too spent way too much time on that game! I love your knitting I have just got some circular knitting needles for my birthday so I’m going to do some socks too your’s are lovely I love the yarn choice!

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    1. Thanks! And have fun with your sock knitting!
      I definitely find knitting socks on circular needles much easier than on dpns.
      Enjoy your animal crossing time too – I just got Raymond to move to my island and I’m very happy to have such a cute kitty living on IsleCastOn!

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  2. Those socks are gorgeous! 🧦 I like the teal and purple yarn. What pattern did you use? I’ve been working a lot more since lockdown started so not much time for distraction, but I’ve also worked on my second pair of socks. I had to frog them and start over, bleh! 😂

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    1. Thanks! That was one of my favourite yarn colourways of recent times – love a bit of teal! It’s just a basic sock pattern I used seeing as they were my first socks. I ended up using the Basic 8ply (DK) boot socks by Winwick Mum because it had some good photos to go along with the step by step guide. Ah, know the pain of frogging and starting over! I had to keep frogging back on my second pair when I made small mistakes or forgot where I was in the patter!

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  3. These days, I’m swamped with homework. All of my courses are heavy on group work and essay writing. Yuck.☹️

    Hobbies should be enjoyable. It’s good that you know when to take a break and how to balance your time with various activities. I’m a bit of a workaholic and the slowest writer ever so I don’t know when to take breaks. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. Oooh, group work at a time like this – not nice!
      Thinking back to my college days, I was so slow at writing essays! Took me forever to get them done…I was so slow at writing essays that it felt I was both constantly taking a break from it but also never taking an actual break from essay writing!

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    2. Update: I’m still very busy these days but I started playing animal crossing this week. I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying it so far! It reminds me so much of New Leaf but is different at the same time. I’m thinking about making my island either beach themed or Sakura-themed (cherry blossoms).

      I’m sad that I will have to get a subscription to connect online…. it used to be free. I guess Nintendo has to make money somehow. 🤷‍♀️ I’m interested in seeing more of your island! 🌴 #inspiration

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