Reading List – April/May 2020

     Hello everyone – how are you? Hope you’re doing well.

     I feel like this is a predominantly craft blog with paper crafts and crochet but then I also do weekly planner posts which are stationery related and so are the snail mail posts so I guess my blog is more a collection of my hobbies really and so this book post shouldn’t feel too out of place. All of that is basically to say that yeah, this post is about books so feel free to skip if you’re not interested. I’m not really reviewing books here, just giving some brief thoughts on the books I have finished reading in the last month (since I started my reading binge late April).

     Now, as this is a book post, I’d love to fill this post with wonderful pictures of books against aesthetically pleasing backgrounds but there’s only so many places in my house to photograph books and only so many books I have because most of my reading is done on my kindle and as nice as that cover is, I don’t need 10 photos of my kindle (because also, photographing the covers of the books on the kindle doesn’t look good either because there’s no colour). Again, lots of rambling and all this is to say that yeah, it’s hard to take nice pictures of books when you don’t actually have the physical books.

     I should really get onto the books now, shouldn’t I.

[Disclaimer – I’ve linked all the books mentioned if you’re interested in getting them for yourself – the links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links. It just means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase the item through the links provided]

Season of Storms (The Witcher, #6)     Okay, so this year I decided that I wanted to get through The Witcher books by Andrej Sapkowski. I guess saying ‘get through’ kind of hints at how I’ve been feeling about them so far. I’d read The Last Wish before and I enjoyed it (not loved it, just didn’t mind it) and was kind of hoping it’d get better from there but I can’t say it did. I opted to read Season of Storms after The Last Wish because even though it’s the newest book, it’s set between the two collections of short stories. I did not enjoy reading it – as I was reading this, all I could think about was how I wanted to be finished it so I could start something else. Actually, I’d started reading this back in January when I had a new year’s reading kick and I realised that this book is what stopped me reading for months because I don’t like leaving books unfinished but couldn’t bring myself to finish this book. Thankfully, Sword of Destiny went back to the short story format and I liked that more but I’m not sure how much of that is because it’s better and how much because I hated the previous book…also I skimmed along the words in the paperback while listening to the audio book really sped up so that it wouldn’t take long to get through…

    I’m really not sure if I should continue with the rest of the books. Has anyone read them and if so, is it worth my time?

How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems     After struggling with those books, I refreshed my palette with some non-fiction in the forms of How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems by Randall Munroe and The Infinite Monkey Cage – How to Build a Universe by Brian Cox and Robin Ince. I do recommend both these books – if you like the XKCD comic (look it up and read some, you’ll know quickly if you do) you’ll enjoy How To as a book you can pick up and read a chapter when feel like it and if you enjoy the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast, How to Build a Universe is like parts of that but written. Neither are life changing books but for me were a nice genre shift while reading and after reading the Witcher books.

     While reading those books, I was also finishing up listening to Changes by Jim Butcher which is something like the 12th book in the Dresden Files series. I’ve been listening to all these books rather than reading them and they’re good. I don’t find any of the books amazing but I do like them as a solid magic detective series to listen to while I crochet or weave.

A Case of Possession (A Charm of Magpies, #2)    And at this point, we move away from paperback fantasy novels and science and move towards my current most read genre: historical (Victorian era) paranormal detective/mystery romances. Or, as I like to call them, short, 200 page long male/male romance stories that take place in Victorian times with a detective needing to solve a paranormal mystery while balancing keeping his relationship secret, because the times, but really, really wanting that sex, like all the time. How these detectives solve any mystery is beyond me as they do spend quite a bit of time thinking about their bulging pants instead of investigating crime scenes but I enjoy these books nonetheless for being quick and easy to read because sometimes, you want something you can bang out in a night and not have to commit yourself to 1800 pages of an epic fantasy trilogy.

51632736. sx318 sy475      My reading in this genre consisted of finishing the Charm of Magpies trilogy by K.J. Charles with A Case of Possession and Flight of Magpies, and starting the Whyborne & Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk with Widdershins and Threshold. They’ve all been enjoyable and I do recommend if you like said genre (I read it last year but I also highly recommend Salt Magic Sea Magic by Lee Welch if you like these kinds of books). I also read Jackdaw and A Queer Trade by K.J. Charles. Both are set in the same world as the Charm of Magpies series but A Queer Trade is a short story set before a novel (which I haven’t read yet) and Jackdaw is of a mystery and more just about two people on the run, rekindling a broken relationship…but there’s magic. Jackdaw was fast paced at first but slowed down in the middle to focus more on the relationship and sex. I still enjoyed it but if you want more paranormal mystery,  Jackdaw mightn’t be for you.

    So that was my reading from late April until now! Have you read any of these books, are any of these peeking your attention, what have you been reading lately? And also, any book recommendations? Let’s just chat about books.

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