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Favourite Things: April to June 2020

     Hello everyone, how are you doing? Hope you’re well.

     I know I had a post a while back covering my lockdown favourites which pretty much covered April and May but…well it’s taking me a while to make things and content is slow coming these last few months so let’s just keep repeating topics!

     But honestly, I’ve not been crafting as much as usual these last few weeks to months and what I am doing is taking longer because they’re things like blankets. Content was quicker coming when I was mostly crocheting small amigurumi projects instead of shawls and blankets. Thank you for putting up with my less crafty topics while I wait to make enough progress on bigger projects to justify doing update posts.

     Here’s some pictures of a cat as a reward:

     Well, she really has been one of my favourite things these last few months. Having lost three cats recently, (one died in December, one in January and one went missing the end of April), having Mysty around has been a lifesaver and I can’t imagine surviving this pandemic without a pet to distract me, even if she is a bitch at times and insists on sleeping on top of my Nintendo Switch when I would like to be playing Animal Crossing…or waiting till I’m in the middle of changing the sheets on my bed to fall asleep on it…or sleeping on top of the freshly changed bed clothes that I changed because she had been a sleep on them…basically, she’s a cat.

     Here’s a more blog related favourite:

     Yarn. Lots of yarn. I have gotten a lot of hand dyed yarn these last few months. Some of it I bought myself but quite a lot was bought for me by my sister who was paying back some money I’d lent her but in the form of yarn. I was reorganising my yarn drawer and taking stock of what I had so I decided to lay everything out on my bed for a flat lay photo I can refer back too.

     So satisfying!

     Also yarn related, I made two whole yarn sales back in May and that made me very happy indeed!

     Father’s Day was last month and it was probably just assumed that I would make a card because that’s what I always do but I really wasn’t feeling it. When I saw the spider card on Instagram one day though I fell in love with it (very fitting card!) and just thought ‘you know what, I’m just gonna buy a card’. It’s the first card I have bought in years because I’ve been making them since I graduated college and it was refreshing just buying something…also I found the cat one on Etsy and just had to get it.

     And finally, books. You’re probably sick of me taking about books on a craft blog so I won’t ramble on about them (hell, I started a whole other blog for that!) but I have just been loving reading so much lately so I had to mention them in this favourite things post!

     So yeah. Cats, yarn, shopping and books – some of the things I’ve been enjoying these last few months. Let me know what you’ve been enjoying lately – what’s been making you happy?

3 thoughts on “Favourite Things: April to June 2020

  1. Lovely cat photos! ♥️🐈 Your yarn looks so professional. I love the packaging on your yarn too. Too bad I can’t knit or crochet to save my life. I’m pretty bad at languages too, no matter how much time I invest in them. But ask me to perfectly space houses without a map or grid and I can do that. I guess everyone has their own unique talents 😅🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cats are good at – as often as you might get annoyed at them, they’ll always bring smiles out (I’m currently replying to comments while lounging on my couch because my cat wanted my bed).

      Liked by 1 person

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