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Amigurumi Struggles

     Hello everyone, how are you doing.

     Have you ever been in love with crocheting (or knitting) one type of project and sort of become recognised for that only to then fall into a slump with it…I feel like when it comes to me and crochet, most people are likely to associate me with amigurumi. I started crocheting in 2016 and I think I started crocheting amigurumi in 2017. I’ve been crocheting amigurumi pretty solidly since then…until 2020 that is. You know, I think I burned myself out with amigurumi a little bit because this year I’ve only done three ami projects!

     I crocheted this rabbit for Easter (and it took me forever!):

     And I crocheted these two pieces back in May:

     I keep looking at amigurumi patterns and thinking about how cute they are and that I’d love to make them but just can’t seem to motivate myself to actually do that. 2020 is definitely becoming my year off of amigurumi…maybe things will change down the road and motivation will strike again. Until then, blankets and shawls it is!

10 thoughts on “Amigurumi Struggles

  1. I try and try so hard lol everytime i start one I get so impatient and put it down then never pick it up till I get the passion to try again lmao. Then my husband always goes maybe you can finish the last blanket ” I mean now scarf before trying for another and maybe one day we will have a real blanket” lmao. I have one that I keep going back and forth too one day I will make it into a blanket haha. Excellent post! I don’t know if you like affirmations but I make a new one every monday for each week and release it with a bit of weekly inspiration. If you do check out my blog page. I also do a weekly discussion this weeks post is share a situation you over came and how you did it so we can promote ideas for others in a similar situation. That one you may enjoy adding your two cents in 😃 ❤ Have a Great Day and Always Keep Your Head Up!


    1. I have a few of those projects too – the, I swear this will be a blanket someday, ones!
      It’s funny because my very first crochet project was a huge granny square blanket that I made for the couch and it did take me a few months because crochet wasn’t my focus and I was learning but I finished it fairly quickly, all things considered. Now I keep starting blankets with the intent of them being double bed size but they always end up baby blanket size because I want to move on to other things 😀


  2. Some things need a bit more brain power and creativity and I reckon no matter where you are in the world the stuff that’s going on is draining, so as long as the crochet is still flowing and you’re enjoying what you’re making just let yourself enjoy it 🙂

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    1. Amigurumi certainly does require more brain power with making sure I have the correct number of stitches and am increasing or decreasing in the right place. Definitely not the activity to do when you’re struggling to focus. Crocheting a granny square on the other hand – increase at the very defined corners, no thinking necessary!


    1. Oh 2020, and there’s still half the year to go!
      I’m hoping my blanket and basic makes spree at the moment will count as a break and I’ll soon feel the urge to do some amigurumi again.


  3. That Hedwig is so cute!!
    I myself have noticed that anytime my hobby becomes expected (like cooking dinner) or has a deadline (sewing masks or crocheting blankets for a friend’s baby), all the passion flees my soul. It definitely makes keeping hobbies a struggle for me.

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    1. Thanks!
      I think when it becomes expected of you it takes some of the joy from a hobby. At least for me, like with card making – it’s expected that I’ll make a card for every occasion so if I don’t, people will probably be wondering why I haven’t and the answers just ‘I didn’t feel like it’ but I almost feel guilty about that.

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