Snail Mail

Incoming Snail Mail: June 2020

     Hello everyone, hope you’re well.

     Very quick post today just to show my incoming mail from last month and say thank you to my pen pals and others who continue send me mail despite me being awful lately at sending it myself (which you’ll see when I get around to writing my outgoing mail post!).

     So thank you, it really does put a smile on my face getting lovely cards in the post. Here’s some pictures of stamps from Ireland and America for you to enjoy:

      And lots of stamps from Japan!

9 thoughts on “Incoming Snail Mail: June 2020

  1. Your incoming mail is adorable ♥️ I’m about to go to the store to get some stamps to send mail to the US. Usually I send mail within Canada and to the US but I recently got more adventurous by sending mail to France. Baby steps. 🤗

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    1. Baby steps are good – because international mail can be so expensive!
      I must stock up on stamps soon actually – which I’m happy to do now because the post office has opened up the stamp shop again so I can get the good ones rather than just the basic ones they were stocking during the lockdown.

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    2. All I could get during lockdown was the booklet of basic national and international stamps which are fine, they’re the Ireland in 100 objects series, but I missed being able to get the special occasion stamps or all the older animal stamps. Sure it’s a pain with the older stamps having to use so many to reach the correct postage rate now but I mean, the older ones have cute animals on them and I do love those otter and squirrel stamps 😀 Yeah, happy the online post office shop is back open.

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