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Year of the Blankets – Update

     Hello everyone. As I’ve mentioned, 2020 is my year of blankets. I’ve taken a break from crocheting small amigurumi pieces in favour of bigger, longer term projects like blankets which leads to posts like this – update posts, because I just don’t have finished projects to show you.

     So what updates do I have to show you since the last update post back in March or February…

…Not a whole lot to be honest!

     In terms of my advent blanket, I got a few more squares crocheted and blocked…

And I have started on the rest…

     This isn’t even going to be a big blanket, it’s just taking me forever because I keep finding other projects to do instead…

     Like knitting a blanket. I decided to start knitting a blanket instead.

     I did finish a scrap blanket and start another! I have no photographic proof of that second scrap blanket but I’m sure I’ll get to posting the finished scrap blanket soon!


10 thoughts on “Year of the Blankets – Update

  1. I may or may not have said this so often it’s like a mantra at this point, but I loathe seaming so I diverted away from granny squares years ago, but I have a lot of admiration for both the squares themselves and the designers/makers. Some granny squares just look so beautiful, and yours look like they’re going to make a gorgeous blanket.

    I don’t blame you for knitting a blanket instead, though. ;D Garter stitch is SO soft and squooshy! It’s a great way to practice plain stitches, too, and you get something so snuggly out of it. How big is that one going to be?

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    1. I love making (usually) granny squares as easy, small projects and I love the look of the end result but my god does sewing in all the ends drive me crazy! If I could pay someone to do that bit I would πŸ˜€

      Yes, love a squishy garter stitch. I’d never knitted a blanket before this just because I never had long enough circular needles (benefit of crochet really, you just need one hook no matter the project size), but I am finding now it’s a nice project to just pick up every now and again to knit a row or two. It’ll take me forever to finish at this rate but I’m enjoying it.
      Also, don’t really know about what the finished state will be…all depends on how many colours I do in the end I guess. It’s about 40 inches wide I think (didn’t really measure) and each colour stripe is about 5 3/4 inches…good get fairly long if I decide to do all 10 pink and purple shades from the yarn brand but maybe I’ll get bored before I reach that many colours!


  2. I hear ya’! I get bored and start another. I recently finished a blanket I started 3 years ago, just in time for summer to. Hubby is happy, as he has kept asking when I was going to finish our blanket every time I started a new project!

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    1. I don’t think I have any projects that have been sitting around for that long…but I do have an amigurumi piece that I started about two years which I set aside and just haven’t got back to which is pretty bad because it’s just a tiny teddy!

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    2. I also have an Afghan I started 29 years ago n never finished. I got frustrated with it n then the yarn was discontinued. I recently found very similar yarn on eBay to finish it. So it’s on my WIP mental list! 😜🧢

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