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2019 Yarn Advent Calendar Blanket

     Hello everyone. I posted a blanket update last week and mentioned my advent blanket in that post but guess what – it is finished now, I finished it!

     So last week I got all the squares finished and my joining yarn caked up:

     As well as my worked on the layout of the square:

    In total, I crocheted 50 squares: two squares from each 20g mini skein from the advent calendar with a few grams of yarn leftover. Actually, I crocheted 51 squares in total because I crocheted 3 squares from one of the skeins but the last one was tight so instead of being conscious about yarn all the time I decided to just keep it at two squares which allowed me to crochet one of each style square per colour.

    So, I had 25 berry squares (one of the squares part of the Nature’s Walk blanket) and 25 Emma squares (it’s a pretty square, I didn’t just pick it because of the name!). I ended up only using 48 of the squares because of the size blanket I made but those extra squares won’t go to waste – I’ll probably add them into a scrap blanket or something. 

     Design wise, with the two squares I was alternating between berry and Emma squares and really just trying my best to balance the colour placements as best I could – essentially just making sure that squares of the same yarn weren’t too near each other and that the darker yellow squares were spread out because the stood out a lot.

     As for the join, well, I tried I few different ways of joining the squares and eventually settled on crocheting them wrong sides together with a dc (US sc) stitch and then turning the work to slip stitch along the back because it creates a more even, chunkier join. It’s a bit time consuming but I think it’s worth it. Let me know if you’d like me to do a post focused on how I like to join squares.

     So, with all the squares joined it was time for the border. I bought a 100g skein of yarn to join the squares and do the border. Originally, I was going to do a wider, more detailed border but in the end, all I did was a round of half treble (US half double) stitches and a round of granny stitch because I have a plan to keep making small blankets out of the natural dye advent calendars I get (have bought another Hook and Light one for 2020) and slowly build up a stock of smaller, baby size blankets that I can eventually put together to make a double bed size throw. It’ll be a lot easier to join them all in the end if I keep the borders on the smaller blankets simple like this.

     So there you have it, my 2019 Advent blanket (and the plans for how I’ll be spending money for the next few years!). What do you think of it?

     For this one, I found two crochet square patterns on Ravelry that I thought would look nice together but I’m thinking that for the next one, I might try design my own square to crochet to mix things up. It’s not something I’ve done before and design isn’t my strong point but I have a few months to play around with ideas. I wonder if at some point I’ll make a knitted blanket too to join in. Again, knitting isn’t my strong point but would it be interesting if the end result was a mix of crochet and knitting? Let me know your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “2019 Yarn Advent Calendar Blanket

  1. It turnout out so pretty! I love that there are only two square designs, but the different colours add more interest. I find these blankets with 20 different square patterns in them a bit too busy for my liking.

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    1. I think a blanket with all different square designs can work but it definitely has to be in the one colour so as not to get overwhelming. I’m glad I went with two squares though – I mean the amount I had determined that 😀


  2. This is lovely! I think the lacy squares turned out great, and all the colors go together so nicely without looking too matchy.

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    1. Thanks! I think that’s one of my favourite things about natural dyed yarns – you really can mix almost any natural dyed yarns and they’ll go together, which makes things so much easier for me!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been toying with the idea of a project that uses knitting and crochet for a while but never felt like my knitting was strong enough but I’ve been doing a lot more knitting lately so I think I could probably tackle a nice looking knitting project to match what I’ve done so far!

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