August 2020 – Monthly Bujo Spreads

     Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you’re well.

     I feel like my bujo posts have gotten very predictable lately with me showing a very basic spread and saying that I couldn’t be arsed doing anything else but that all changes this month! I got myself a new set of gouache paints and decided that I should show my bujo some love.

     I decided to do a painting for my title page. It’s nothing special but it was my first time using jelly gouache paints so I was really just getting a feel for using them and the colours I had.

     For my calendar I decided to go back to a list view but I used some washi tape to get some clean, crisp lines as a space for writing the date and drew some boxes over on the right hand page for lists.

     On the next page I drew an overly complicated grid for tracking sleep and painted around the boxes.

    I had a lot of fun creating these planner pages. I want to try keep using gouache in my planner spreads for adding colour. It was nice purposefully sitting down at my desk, popping a stream on for background noise and really just focusing on decorating my planner.

16 thoughts on “August 2020 – Monthly Bujo Spreads

    1. Do – I always find I go months at a time without painting anything because I just don’t think to but when I eventually get to painting something, no matter how simple, I always have a good time!

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