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Scrap Blankets

     Hello everyone, how are you.

     I mentioned in a previous blanket update post that I had finished a scrap blanket and started another so this is just a quick post to show you said scrap blanket.

     It’s not exactly a pretty blanket but those are my scraps. So this blanket was made using DK and aran weight yarn scraps (I think there was one or two chunky yarns) that were a mix of acrylic, wool and cotton. I just did rows of half trebles (US half doubles) for the blanket and switched up colours a lot, often carrying several strand of yarn at a time so I could switch colours without cutting yarn because I’m lazy. You can see the carried yarn throughout the piece but that just adds to the scrappy feel of it. I told my family that this blanket will be a gift to whoever gets a dog first because a dog won’t mind the mess of a look that this blanket is.

     So that was that scrap blanket. I’ve started another one because after that one reached a size I was happy enough with, I still had some yarn left in my scrap basket to use up.

     I decided to make this one a bit easier and just crochet until I ran out of colour rather than keep switching so it has larger chunks of colour.

     I also have two other scrap blankets on the go. This first one doesn’t really look like a scrap blanket. I made it using three quite large balls of yarn leftover from other projects that I wasn’t using so it’s a scrap blanket in that sense…

     I do quite like the look of the three very different yarns. Someday I might keep going with this piece and upgrade it to just blanket rather than scrap blanket…or I might just join it to this other piece:

     So this piece will, someday long down the road, be a blanket made up of all my sample and practice pieces of crochet (and maybe knitting), pieced together because I couldn’t think of what else to do with all these small crochet pieces.

     Turns out I have quite a few scrappy blankets on the go…I’m just trying to not waste yarn. Sure, I still throw out a bit of yarn (I had to just toss about 50g of acrylic dk in the bin yesterday just because it was such a tangled mess, I tried to save it but it was too much and driving me crazy) but scrap blankets are at least helping reduce the waste.

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