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Year of Blankets – August Update

     Hello everyone, how are you?

     I have a blanket update for you as part of my year of blankets…year…even though I’ve only finished two blankets this year so it’s not exactly chock full of blankets…

     Anyway, I posted this to my Instagram at the end of July:

     It’s a gingham picnic blanket made using Paintbox DK yarn held double stranded and I’m making good progress on it. I’ve now got 8 rows of squares done so I’m just over half way. I’ll be able to finish this quickly enough once I get the rest of the yarn I need…just a matter of actually getting that yarn…

     As for my knitted blanket…yeah, I’ve not made progress on that in the last few weeks. I’m still sitting at having just joined the third colour.

     I did buy the rest of the yarn I need for the blanket though so that’s something!

     So once I knit the purple yarns, those will fade into the cream and them the pink gradient will start. It’ll probably be a long time before I get to that but I have the yarn  at least.

     And that’s my blanket update! Got any big projects on the go?

6 thoughts on “Year of Blankets – August Update

    1. Thanks! Really looking forward to getting that picnic blanket done in time to be folded up and put away because picnic season will be over 😀
      Nice, do love making mini baskets – something very satisfying about it (maybe because they’re quick to make).

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