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     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. Inspired by my stationery wishlist post last week, this week I’ve compiled a yarn wishlist! Here it goes!

     Let’s start at the top left of my collage image where I have handspun yarn. I just got some random images from Etsy of handspun yarn in colours I like for this post. I’ve not used handspun yarn before but at some point, I really want to get some to knit or crochet a pair of gloves with.

     It’s somewhat expensive and hard for me to get because they’re based in Canada, I think, but I really love the Sweet Georgia party of five sets of yarn. They’re are so many gorgeous sets in the range but I particularly love the the gradient ones – they’re just so pretty!

     Something also a little expensive but I’d like to try, Wool and the Gang. They have a lot of yarn knits for knit and crochet and I’d love to try one some day, maybe for a jumper.

     Moving on to the bottom row, we have a Scheepjes colour pack. I’ve used this pack before to crochet my rainbow shawl but I’d love to get another one. I have no idea what I’d do with it, I just know that I want more!

     Moving away from yarn now, I’ve listed some crochet patterns. Krawka Crochet on Etsy has tons of adorable amigurumi patterns but in particular I want the chocobo pattern and the Cthulhu one. Also amigurumi related, TOFT have several books for mini amigurumi makes and I want them all!

     So those are some of the things on my yarn wishlist. What’s on yours? 

7 thoughts on “Yarn Wishlist

  1. Handspun yarn is wonderful to work with – I’ve started knitting a cowl from my handspun Dorset horn and the stitch definition and subtle lustre the wool has looks so much better than acrylic/commercial yarns.

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  2. I love those WAG needles. I can’t knit with straights to save my life, though. I look like a chicken flapping its wings (elbows) 😂

    My yarn Wishlist right now would be: knitting needles that feel like they’re made of wood, but with the slickness (and not breakingness) of metal. Nickel is allergic to me so I’m having a right old time finding needles that won’t tarnish. I wish they made metal needles as pretty as the wooden ones I’ve seen!

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    1. I struggle to knit with straights too – I’m just too used to knitting everything on 16″ circulars. Feels weird to use anything else!

      Wish I could help you in your needle search but I don’t know enough about knitting needle companies. I do notice all the pretty ones are wooden though – I love the Symfonie Knit Pro ones but they’re wood.
      I’ve somehow gotten lucky with using wooden knitting needles because I’ve not had any break but I just can’t use wooden/bamboo crochet hooks – I had a set once and broke the 2mm hook the first time I used it and the 3mm and 3mm ones were so bent out of shape because of the force I put on them!


    2. Yeah the Symfs are nice but two of the ones I’ve broken have been from that line. I really want some Lykkes but I’m. It sure if it’s a question of KP quality or if all wooden needles would be as breakable for me. As for hooks, I need ergonomic ones. I have a Furls Streamline in 5mm that’s not too bad but the tip could do with a bit more finishing. The 3.5mm I bought from them snapped, but my cousin reckons it’s because I was using it with chunky yarn. Maybe I’m just too rough. 🤷‍♀️

      I love circs, but find the interchangeable joints a bit snaggy. I’ve got a few KP Basix 16” fixers for hats, those are nice but bamboo is a bit stiff to me. I just bought Addi 60cm fixeds for a cardi, but haven’t used them yet. I’m hoping the join is less noticeable.

      Bottom line is, if anyone ever asks why I have so many needles/hooks, especially when they’re repeats, I just shrug and say “well have you tried to find the perfect tool?” XD Plus, you know, different needles/hooks for different projects, right? 😝

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    3. Maybe we are just too rough on our tools! I know I have to use metal hooks and ergonomic handles because I grip tightly and forcefully and would bend or break anything else!
      I use the symfonie circulars both fixed and interchangeable. I have no problems with the fixed ones, they’re great. One of the interchangeables was a bit snaggy when I was knitting my shawl (I think that was on the 3mm) but I’m having no issues with knitting my garter stitch blanket (on 4.5mm or 5mm, can’t remember) so I guess it’s just luck of the draw.

      Moral of the story – just gotta keep buying hooks and needles until you find the right ones for you! I know the Clover Amour hooks aren’t for everyone and they are kinda pricey but I honestly struggle using any other hook now because I find the clovers so comfortable. It’ll take me longer because I don’t knit as much so I don’t buy as many needles but someday I I hope to find the needles as I love as much as my clover hooks…and if that someday happens…well then I get to start the journey all over again but with a search for the perfect Tunisian crochet hooks 😀

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