Crochet Society Box 15 (August 2020) Unboxing

     Hello everyone, hope you’re well.

     Last month when I unboxed the Crochet Society box 14, I wasn’t overly positive about it because I wasn’t all that keen on the glitter and yarn choice. Well, it’s time for box 15 today and I can happily say I feel much more positive about this one, in part because the colour theme is much more to my liking.

     All of the Crochet Society boxes I’ve gotten tend to veer in the light and pastel direction and if they’re going to do that, I do prefer the blue themed boxes over the pink ones.

     Here’s everything that was in the box:

     To fit with the summery theme, the stitch marker is an ice-cream cone and there’s a sew on patch to match. The big item of the box though is this canvas roll for storing all your crochet hooks in, or your pencils and art supplies if you don’t need hook storage.

     Okay, well I guess the big item of the box is the yarn itself. The box came with two 100g skeins of King Cole Bramble DK yarn in the colourway Gorse which is a white to grey to light sea green, teal and blue colourway and is 100% acrylic. I was excited to see a brand of yarn in the box because for a while the yarn has been Crochet Society branded yarn. It’s nice seeing something that I can pick up more of if I decide I like it.

     I think the booklet said that this is actually a new yarn from King Cole and that the Crochet Society were getting it for this box before it’d be out in shops which is great – I much prefer being able to experience new yarns in this box instead of Crochet Society branded ones.

     Speaking of the booklet, that came with three patterns: a scarf, a baby romper pattern and a butterfly decoration. For once there wasn’t an amigurumi pattern! It was a bit shocking because there’s always been an amigurumi pattern and that’s usually what I make but I think this time round I’ll just be making the scarf because I don’t have much use for baby stuff.

     Also, the hook was a 3.5mm hook…which was a bit odd because all the patterns seem to use different hook sizes, like the scarf uses a 4.5 and 4mm hook. In the past the patterns have almost always used the hook size that came with the box which makes much more sense for being able to just grab the box and start crocheting.

     As to be expected, crochet hook sizes are repeating themselves (only so many hook sizes after all). I already have a 3.5mm from an alder box and in box 14 there was a 3mm hook, a size also from a previous box. The handles are obviously different because those are designed to fit with the theme of the box but also, the last few hooks have been plain whereas the older hooks are rose gold coloured – just thought I’d point out the changes in case anyone was interested.

     So anyway, that was box 15. I enjoyed it and I hope that they continue having different yarn brands in the box to try out.

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