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Crochet Toe Up Socks II

     Hello everyone.

     So, last week I showed off my pair of toe-up crocheted socks and mentioned some of the issues I had with them. Straight after finishing those I started another pair using some high twist sock yarn from The Moon and Sixpence, a hand dyer based in Cork and a mini skein from Fruitful Fusion, a UK based yarn dyer.

     For some reason I had a hard time catching all the colours of the yarns but it’s a green base with blue/aqua green speckles and red, almost burgundy/brown sections and the mini skein was blue with some red/purple bits in it that I thought matched fairly well with the colours in the main skein.

     So, with these socks I made a few changes from the first ones. To start with, I used the same number of stitches but while increasing for the toe sections I actually used a 2.5mm hook (and probably also just crocheted a bit tighter) and switched back to the 3mm when I hit the straight section which helped tighten up the toe for a more snug fit.

     Also, while I thought the contrast yarn for the heal was a sock weight, while winding it into a ball I realised it was thicker and probably a more of a dk weight. It was the only suitable colour I had for the heel though so I thought I’d just go with it despite the different weight. I obviously changed the stitch numbers and decrease rate a little to accommodate the different yarn and in the end it came out pretty good. I actually really like the chunkier feel of the heel and it fits nicer than the other one. I just made sure that I noted what I did on the first one (because I was making it up as I went) and made sure to repeat it for the second sock.

     I still have the same issue with these crochet socks that I did with the first and that’s, while they fit nicely on the foot, they’re a bit harder to get on and off because, as I now realise after finishing the second pair, I have some trouble getting the socks past the heel of my foot, the widest section. I possibly just crochet too tightly so the stretch isn’t there but I think it’s also just the nature of the crochet stitch that most of the stretch is in the length, not the width.

     Still, comfortable once on the foot and because they’re crocheted, they’re slightly heavier than the knitted socks I’ve made so should be nice in the winter. Making socks is a real learning experience. Maybe next time I crochet some socks I’ll look for a different pattern to try.


4 thoughts on “Crochet Toe Up Socks II

    1. Yeah, for the most part they fit great but you do miss the stretch of knit when it comes to getting the sock over your heel. I’ll have to try some other crochet socks and see if any other stitches might give a bit more stretch.

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