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Ikea Mini-Drawer DIY

     Hello everyone – I know it’s Monday and that usually means planners but instead of stationery today, I have an Ikea DIY for you! 

     I had a box sitting on the corner of my chest of drawers that just wasn’t working for me anymore so I wanted to replace it with something that could work better. I looked around and eventually bought one of those plain looking mini drawers from Ikea – you know the ones:

     Fits physically but not quite the right look! (Obviously when I got it it had the bottom drawers as well but for my purpose I wanted one open shelf so I took those out). It was time for some DIYing and that meant staining because I do love a wood stain.

     I was all out of the american walnut wood dye I’d used on my chest so I used some Jacobin dark oak wood dye instead which I had lying around. I was hoping it’d work because it was all I had, and it did look nice, but it was too cool toned against the chest if drawers. I did have to go out and buy some american walnut which thankfully was in stock this time. I ended up mixing the two stains together, though I don’t know how much of a difference mixing the two made over just using the walnut.  

     I also painted the back of the inside the same colour was my bedroom walls (you can get a lot of value out of those tester pots!).

     Anyway, after all the painting, staining and a few other things, I ended up with a really nice looking storage piece for on top of my chest of drawers:

     So the handles make a real difference! What I did is use wood glue to glue the two drawers together and then attached a handle to the backside so one handle would pull out both drawers. I got lucky with the handles. I had bought two packs of 10 handles for my chest of drawers and used 18 of them so I had two left that have just been sitting around for a year. This was the perfect use for those last two handles.

     Also, completely unnecessary, but I painted the back of the piece as well i case I ever need to turn it around and use the back as a backdrop for an Instagram photo. Priorities – I’ll paint the full back and inside even though they’re not seen but I won’t care about the screws from the handles sticking out on the inside!

     But what do I have in these drawers? Well, I moved my now slimmed down postcard and notecard stash into one alongside some yarn tools like pom pom makers, and I moved all the pens I wasn’t using and other art stuff into the other drawer. The bottom, open section is for shoving bits and pieces in that I need like mail I need to respond too and such. Right now it’s storing my headphones and scales.

     I’m very happy with how this DIY came out, especially seeing as it was so easy and didn’t cost much. I bought the the drawer itself for €15, there was €10 postage on top of that but I was also picking other stuff up too so that was shared by a few items, the handles were ones bought last year, the wood glue was in my adhesive drawer, the paint was from a sampler bought last year when I was painting my room and I think the small bottle of wood dye cost about €8 but that’s something I’d have been buying at some point just to have and will do many more DIYS if needed.  

9 thoughts on “Ikea Mini-Drawer DIY

  1. Wow I love it! Such an excellent result and you have such a beautiful neat aesthetic going on! My craftroom is all kinds of crazy almost all of the time which is why it doesn’t really appear in photos.


    1. Thank you ^-^ I’m trying so hard at the moment to keep a coherent aesthetic going on in my room. My craft room is another matter but I mean a mess of a craft room is just a sign of a well used room, right? 😀


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