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Crocheted Bralette/Sleepwear

     Hello everyone. Quick Wednesday post for you today because I don’t have many great photos of this make to share. It’s a bralette that I made for myself because I needed some summer sleepwear. It was hard to photograph, not just because I wasn’t going to photograph it on myself but also because the yarn, while being very pretty, did not want to look nice in photos! Anyway, here it is:

     I would share what pattern I used but I didn’t use one – I made it all up as I went, just sitting in bed at 4 in the morning trying it on and constantly making adjust. I took notes on what I did for the first cup because I needed to repeat that but I didn’t take any other notes so yeah, while this does fit me, if I want to make another I’ll have to start the process all over again!

     Anyway, here it is on my mannequin, which is much slimmer than I am:

     And here’s the back of it:

     It’s a really lovely yarn that my sister bought me – grey with green and purple like an oil slick – by Eve Chambers Textiles, a Cork based dyer, but it didn’t want to show up well in photos which is a shame. The yarn is 75% SW merino wool and 25% silk so this feels so nice! So much nicer than a cotton one I made last year which just ended up been so darn heavy. It’s a bit more expensive because of the silk but I’ll definitely be buying silk/wool blends again if I want to make any more sleepwear like this.

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