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Scarf from Crochet Society Box 15

     Hello everyone – how are you doing?

     I think today’s post will be a short enough one just to show you this scarf I  made using the yarn and pattern from the Crochet Society box 15.

     It’s a nice looking scarf and the pattern was nice and easy to do but for some reason this took me so damn long to make! The box came with two balls of this acrylic yarn (which is a lovely colour) and I originally wanted to use all of both balls to make a really long scarf but shortly after starting the second ball I just gave up and settled for  shorter scarf. I was just struggling to get interested in it and kept getting really bored working it so would put it down after only doing a row or two.

     But it’s a very pretty pattern. The yarn was fine but I think I might add what I have left (most of a 100g ball) to the box of eventual giveaway yarn just because I’m a bit tired of it after taking so long to make this scarf.

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