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Random Crochet Pieces

     Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.

     I’ve not been posting a whole lot of crochet on the blog lately, or at least finished crochet pieces, because a lot of the yarn crafts I’m working on at the moment are all quite large and I’m just tipping away slowly at them. I actually have three projects on the hook/needles and all of them are blankets so not quick projects suitable for having something completed to show off every week!

     When I’ve not been working on the multiple blankets or Crochet Society box pieces, I’ve pretty much just been using small amounts of yarn to crochet rectangles of varying sizes like these:

      They really don’t look like much but I figure that maybe someday I can turn these into pencil cases like I did here. If I don’t make pencil cases out of them, I can always add them into my scrap/sample piece blanket. Again, they really don’t like much as they are but they were enjoyable to crochet because it was quite mindless but also good for testing out different stitches.

     I also made a bigger piece that I might try turn into a case for my tablet or something.

8 thoughts on “Random Crochet Pieces

  1. I make little square/rectangles from scraps, too. When my bin gets full, I buy a couple skeins of black and make them into a crocheted quilt. This is what I donate to our local homeless shelter. I call them “Usefuls”… They are rather pretty, I think, and I’m so glad that someone can use them.

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    1. I try too wear fingerless gloves all the time because my hands can just get so cold but for some reason I just find it awkward to knit or crochet with fingerless gloves on so I end up not wearing them.

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    2. That’s a lovely idea. My random/scrap blankets tend to go to bedding for all the stray cats I’ve called my pets over the years but I don’t have as many cats now. At some point I’ll have to figure out where I can donate some stuff I’ve made.

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