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Watercolour Christmas Ornament Cards

     Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well.

      It’s that time of year again where I have to make a ton of Christmas cards and this year I had to make even more as my aunt commissioned me to make a set of 24 cards for her. There’ll be plenty more cards to show in the coming two weeks but for now, here are those 24 cards which I chose to paint and stamp because I really wanted to use some watercolours.

     The three bauble card is similar to a set I painted several years ago for my mum but it’s quite an easy card to make and yet very effective so I couldn’t resist making some more of it. The other ornament card came from me messing with one of my recent stamp purchases. I want an array of these ornaments but an easy way to add colour to them and that colour came in the form splodges of watercolour…I’m sure that’s the correct term.

     It’s a pretty simple card and not to everyone’s taste but I think it worked out. What do you think? I did try a few colours but the pale blue/grey definitely looked the best.

      The cards were a little flat with just the watercolour so I used some of my metallic paints to add some gold and it definitely makes the cards pop – highly recommend. I don’t use my metallic paints often…in fact I almost exclusively use them at Christmas so this once set will last me a lifetime but while I don’t use them often, when I do I’m very glad I have them. They really help finish a card and are so nice when the light catches them.

      These cards are really easy to make so while not needed to figure out how to make them, I did actually remember to take some pictures as I went this time so enjoy them I guess?

     And to finish things off, I did also decide to make some gift tags using 3×3″ card bases I had. I used the log cabin stamp I got and added in one of the sentiments from the other set. Pretty simple but quite cute.

     Between all the painting, leaving things to dry and then stamping and sticking to card bases, it did take about 2 days in the craft room to get all the cards painted but painting is fun I got a lot of stuff watched while I did it.


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