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Simple, Embossed Holiday Cards

      Hello everyone, how are you doing?

     So, more holiday cards coming your way today – these are the cards that I made for my mum using the Altenew Festive Foliage set. I fell in love with the design of this set when I first saw it and couldn’t wait to make some cards using it.

     It’s funny though, when I actually got it I struggled a lot to come up with a design for an easy to make card seeing as I needed to make about 50 of the same design. I thought about stamping a two tone tree using the two separate tree stamps but I didn’t really have two colours like two shades of green that looked good enough together for that. I’d figured embossing would look great but initially avoided it because that can get messy when you have a lot of cards to make but I gave in in the end and set to embossing about 50 cards.

      The first set I did were using some gold and silver glitter embossing powders on black card bases.

     They do look pretty nice against the black and stamping the heart in white was sort of the only option for the black base.

     I liked the colours against the black base but the embossing wasn’t as crisp as I’d like so I switched to using a simple gold embossing powder without the glitter and a pearlescent one and that worked wonders – the embossing definitely came out sharper.

      I did struggle with what to do with the centre and what colours to use. I tried out a lot of different colours but I eventually settled on using a dark mahogany red for the gold cards and a lighter, brick red for the pearlescent silver and I think I made the right choice for the colours. What do you think?

     I wasn’t sure about what do about the sentiment because I thought stamping it in black on the front like I’d originally planned would be odd and I was really liking the simple look of the front so I just stamped the ‘season’s greetings’ on the inside instead.

     I’m really happy with how these cards came out and I think they all look great but while it’s hard to make it look good in a photo, especially with dull lighting, I love the look of the pearlescent embossing powder against the white and then that pop of colour in the hear. Which is your favourite card?


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