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Paper Pad Holiday Cards

     Hello everyone – it’s soon to be Christmas so I’m hoping by now all the mail I sent out at the start of the month has arrived. I didn’t want to post these cards earlier as some of these are the ones I sent out to pen pals. They’re really simple cards that I made very quickly using this Simple Stories paper pad:

Winter Farmhouse 8x6 Paper Pad

     I feel slightly bad for my pen pals – I always put more time and effort into the Christmas cards that I make for my mum and leave my own cards till last so I usually end up trying to slap something together quick like just using a paper pad. They’re still cute cards but I really need to start giving myself more time to make!

      What I did like about this paper pack was that it was just a winter theme rather than a specifically Christmas theme and for me, when it comes to cards this time of year I do like to keep the holiday theming a bit more secular as I’m not going to presume everyone celebrates Christmas. This pack had a lot of just cute winter greetings and sentiments that I was able to use as it had two sheets of journal cards which was great.

     Also, the papers actually looked good together for the most part – I don’t know about you but I have gotten paper packs in the past where somehow, despite it being a collection, nothing seemed to go with anything else easily making the paper pack very hard to use. This one made it pretty easy to pair papers with journal cards and I just added a bit of plain brown and black paper in to use as mats for the journal card sentiments.

     But that’s it for 2020 holiday cards…actually, there was one more card I made but I’m going to show that one in my Favourite Things post coming next week – it’ll make sense for it to be there when you see it!


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