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December 2020 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Okay, it’s mid January now so I’m hoping the Christmas mail I’m showing here has arrived but hey, who really knows considering the state of the world at the moment – I know postal systems all over are struggling with the load and guaranteed some of my Christmas mail went missing.

     But let’s try not think about that now and focus on the things I sent out in December (not including all the cards that is – these are just the larger packages). I know people like seeing incoming and outgoing mail but sometimes I struggle to think about what to say about it passed the pictures so this may not be a very wordy post…let’s kick things off with a package I sent to the UK featuring some yarn:

     I had bought several cakes of rainbow yarn which turned out to be more than I needed for my project and I could have held on to the extra to use who knows when but I thought it would be put to much better use as a gift and it’s being worked up in a project now by Emma of Soggy Musing so I was right not to hoard it! It’s much nicer seeing it being used than having it sit neglected in my yarn stash.

     I sent a book of poetry off to a friend in America:

(Update – right before this post was scheduled the book I sent arrived back at my house saying ‘insufficient address’ – it was the full address on the package so I’m not sure what else they want)

     And sent out a whole lot of crochet goodies to varies people including a crochet magazine full of tutorials and patterns, crochet hooks, a crochet hook storage roll and a crocheted pencil case that I’d made last year which I was very proud of because I managed to successfully sew a zipper and fabric lining.

     And of course I sent out some stationery because I don’t need all these notebooks but I certainly wanted to buy them so they became gifts instead!

     Truth be told, that’s the main reason I send so much stuff to friends at Christmas – I just really like buying stuff that I don’t need!

     But no, I do have a lot of fun packaging things up and sending them in December so again, hoping all this stuff did actually arrive safely at the doors or the recipients!

5 thoughts on “December 2020 – Outgoing Snail Mail

    1. No, I didn’t – might have to include that next time XD

      Haha, well going slowly is better than not going at all which is the state a lot of my blankets are in at the moment!

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  1. Strange as it sounds, did you add “USA” to the address on the mail that was returned? My postmaster advised me that Canada (where I often mail things) will return mail that doesn’t include ‘Canada’ in the address, even if the rest of the address is complete. Perhaps the US does the same? Seems odd, I know, but the postmaster assured me he’d seen it firsthand.

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    1. I did, was the same address I write all the time but for some reason this time it got returned. These things happen sometimes, just annoying that it had to happen on the package which obviously costs more to post! I’ll just have to try again later – might have more luck now that the Christmas rush is passed.

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