January 2021 – Monthly Bujo Pages

     Welcome to the first monthly bujo showcase of the year!

     Quite a bit into January now so probably a bit late on the mark with showing off my January month pages but hey, here they are!

     It being the start of a new year, I wanted to get things off to a nice start with some more decorative spreads and I think I succeeded in that. I also wanted to try something different and was inspired by some spreads that kept popping up in Pinterest that were of lightbulbs. I liked how those look so decided to try give the theme a go myself which allowed for the new aspect which was acknowledging the existence of all the yellow markers I have because yellow really isn’t a colour I use a whole lot in my planner. 

     For the actual calendar page, I just did my basic calendar on the right like always and because I wasn’t adding a whole lot extra in, I drew some more hanging light bulbs on the left for my reply pile list and list of things I’ve bought online and expecting to be delivered at some point. I moved the incoming and outgoing snail mail sections to some of my yearly pages leaving even less I need to add to these monthly pages so I guess I just have a lot more space for art now.

     Anyway, I’m happy with how these pages came out and I look forward to showing you the weekly pages next week because I kept the colour scheme going and I think the spreads came out really well. Until then, take care and have a lovely weekend!


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