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Blanket WIPS – January 2021

     Hello everyone! How are you today?

     I thought that with the change of the year my crochet habits might change but blankets are still my go to it seems and I’m just continuing to work on some of the blankets I started last year alongside my yarn advent calendar blankets.

    You probably got quite familiar with seeing the rainbow blanket I was working on in these WIP posts. I did finish that one last month but I started another rainbow blanket that you can look forward to seeing!

     The last one was a pastel rainbow but these rainbow skeins are brighter jewel tones so changing it up a little with the rainbow – also doing a different stitch pattern. Hopefully you can see where I’m going with this blanket even though I’m not that far into it. I’m working with both skeins but from separate ends so that the rainbow alternates.

     I just reached the first colour changes when I put it down for a bit to work on my advent calendars so hopefully by the next update post in a month the rainbow will start to actually look like a rainbow and not just bold red and purple stripes!

     But speaking of the advent calendars – I’m also working on a bit of blanket using the Hook and Light advent calendar yarns. I think I’m about half way through the yarns. It’s not a huge blanket so you can’t really use it by itself but it’ll hopefully look good when I join it to the other advent blankets to make one huge blanket.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20210116_110248870.jpg     I did think I’d have another advent blanket to show you in this post but I actually got the Sionnach Yarns advent blanket finished last week so that’ll have to wait for its own post next week. Just know that it was a pain to finish and reminded me why I don’t do lots of colourful granny squares and all those ends to sew in!

     I do still have the Rozetta CAL blanket sitting up in my wardrobe – I’ve not touched that since I put it back up last year – and the garter stitch blanket is still around but I’ve not made progress on it. Maybe for next month I’ll have some stripes to show on that.

      But those are the blankets I’m currently working on. What about your works in progress?


4 thoughts on “Blanket WIPS – January 2021

    1. Thanks! Yeah, really loving the colours of the advent yarns – so nice to work with!
      Not made any fingerless mittens in a very long – should really do that! Preferably before summer 😀 Good luck with getting your WIPs finished!

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