2021 – The State of my Yarn Stash

     Hello everyone, how are you today?

     Today’s post is…well, it’s not going to be a very interesting post to read because it’s largely just a numbered list of all my yarn with some information that I can remember about it off the top of my head (because why would I actually just look it up?). I wanted to get to grips with my yarn stash so I spent some time taking picture of all my yarn and listing out what it is so that I can look back at the end of the year and see how I’ve done at using what I have because what I have is a lot!

1. Riverknits – Stormy Rainbow, 4ply set
2. Hobbii Twirl Cake (x2)
3. Dublin Dyes – Silken Lace, petrol
4. Dublin Dyes – Silken Lace, bimini
5. Dublin Dyes – Swing Sock, aqua
6. Leftover red yarn from Hobbii Twirl Cakes
7. Cascade Heritage – white
8. Eve Chambers – Merino Singles, rust coloured (x3)
9. Sionach Yarns – naturally dyed mini skein
10. Sionach Yarns – naturally dyed mini skein
11. Eve Chambers – leftovers of a silk/wool blend yarn
12. A beautiful wool, silk, mohair and something else mini skein sent by @elliementalist
13. A silk blend yarn I got in a sub box sent to me by Frances
14. A free mini skein from Dublin Dyes
15. Fruitful Fusion – mini skein
16. Fruitful Fusion – mini skein
17. Fruitful Fusion – mini skein
18. Fruitful Fusion – mini skein
19. One of my own handdyed mini skeins
20. World of Yarn, Malaga – Blush
21. World of Yarn, Malaga – Powder Pink
22. World of Yarn, Malaga – Dusty Rose
23. World of Yarn, Malaga – Rosewood
24. World of Yarn, Malaga – Cream
25. Sionnach Yarns – mohair
26. UK Alpaca, baby alpaca/silk blend
27. Ball of DK yarn remnants from various projects
28. Sionnach Yarns – wool in the same colour as the mohair
29. UK Alpaca, suri/huacaya/silk blend
30. Ball of 4ply remnants from various projects
31. Cascade Heritage, grey
32. Fruitful Fushions, wool, tea party colourway?
33. Eve Chambers – silk/wool blend yarn
34. Scheepjes Whirl
35. Sostrene Grene, 4ply yarn cake
36. Sostrene Grene, 4ply yarn cake
37. Various small balls of acrylic yarn for amigurumi details
38. Scheepjes, Our Tribe – black (x4)
39. Scheepjes, Our Tribe – white (x4)
40. Paint Box Aran, charcoal (x10)
41. Red Heart, possibly aran? (x2)
42. Stylecraft Special DK, white
43. Some baby yarn that’s got bamboo in it.
44. Bergere de France yarn, white
45. Stylecraft Special DK, red
46. Tivoli, Smoothie Soft
47. Bergere de France, green
48. Hayfield, Spirit
49. Wool from a Hobbii surprise bag
50. Wool from a Hobbii surprise bag
51. Yarn from Hobbii
52. Yarn from Hobbii
53. Yarn from Hobbii
54. Wool from a Hobbii surprise bag
55 – 78. 2020 Hook and Light advent calendar minis
79. – 98. 2020 Sionnach Yarns advent calendar minis
99. 2020 Sionnach Yarns advent yarn
100. Hook and Light advent yarn (not photographed – oops!)
101. Dublin Dyes – Plush lace
102. Dublin Dyes – Silken Lace (x2)
103. Dublin Dyes – free 50g skein in a pretty rust red colour.

     I realised after taking all the pictures that I forgot to photograph the yarn from two Crochet Society boxes so add four more balls of yarn to the list for a total of 107 I guess. It’s a lot of yarn, especially when you consider that no. 40 on the list is 10 balls of yarn.

     What’s the state of your yarn stash at the moment?



2 thoughts on “2021 – The State of my Yarn Stash

  1. What lovely colours! I’m trying to work my way through my fibre stash at the moment – I have about 9 sacks of washed raw fleece waiting to be processed and I try not to think about the boxes of yarn (not to mention the unwashed fleeces in the garage waiting for dry weather!). At least while we have yarn we won’t be bored anytime soon!! 😊

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