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DIY Fake Stone/Concrete Vase and Ornaments

     Thought I’d remind my blog (and myself) that I can do crafts that aren’t just crochet!

     I really need to get back into doing more crafts because every time I make something I remember how fun it is but then I tend to just go back to my yarn crafts which, admittedly, are many and varied but still, doing other stuff is fun too.

     The craft in this post was inspired by a YouTube video I watched a while back and remembered the idea. I unfortunately can’t remember who made the actual video so I can’t link you too it but it was about using Polyfilla (or spackling/joint compound as they called it as I think that’s the non-brand name) to create faux concrete or stone texture. I really liked the idea and before Christmas I finally gave it a go.

     I had a clear plastic bauble that I covered in the Polyfilla. At first I used an icecream stick to try smooth it out but found using my fingers worked a lot better. When it had hardened, I gave it a quick coat of white paint which really didn’t make a difference to the colour of the Polyfilla, and then painted half in a copper colour.

     That was it – it’s a pretty simple craft.

     That was my practice run I guess. What I really wanted to test the stuff out on was on a vase which is what I did after Christmas.

     I got a cheap IKEA vase that I could use to hold remotes but I didn’t like the smooth glossy finish so using the Polyfilla to give the vase a texture seemed like a good solution. As with the bauble, I simply covered the vase in the Polyfilla, putting a little bit on and letting it harden before adding more to the glossy surface, smoothing it out with my fingers.

     It may not look the prettiest but it has a certain aesthetic and I quite like it. I plan on experimenting with the Polyfilla some more in the future. What do you think of it?


4 thoughts on “DIY Fake Stone/Concrete Vase and Ornaments

    1. Yeah, kinda has that same effect! Funny though, turns out I’m the kind of person that has material for filling in small holes in the wall on hand but not baking soda! I do need to try that out though, the results look great.


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